While winter brings a lot of amazing things with it, it also brings snow which makes traffic a complete nightmare. If your car is not ready for the cold weather, snow and ice, you will have a hard time commuting, let alone visiting your family or going to your nearby ski resort. So, here are a few important car care tips that will get your vehicle through winter.

Change your tires 

If your area experiences a lot of snow, it’s very important to switch your summer tires for snow tires. Your all-wheel drive will come in handy on the snowy road with accelerating, but it won’t help with breaking or turning—that’s where snow tires come in.

Track your tire pressure

As temperatures get lower, it’s very important to check your tire pressure regularly. With temperatures, your tire pressure can decrease, and driving with low tire pressure will bring premature tire wear, tread separation and a higher possibility of accidents. Also, when your tires are deflated, your care is harder to handle.

Check your battery

Batteries have a hard time functioning in cold weather, so make sure to check your battery with a volt tester and ensure it’s strong enough to push through winter. Getting stuck somewhere because your cart won’t start is one of the worst things that can happen with the temperatures are freezing. 

Top off your antifreeze

This liquid is essential for your engine because it keeps it safe from freezing. So, it’s best to always have your antifreeze levels high and check for any leaks. Additionally, don’t forget to have plenty of washer fluid in your trunk. Salt and mud will get kicked up onto your windshield and block your view from the first snow untill the moment everything melts.

Tune your car properly

If you’re into car tuning, you probably know about this, but it bears repeating: you need to ensure everything concerning your car improvements is working like clockwork. Ensure you get proper performance chips that will get you the most from your setup and ensure a comfortable and safe drive, especially when it comes to ignition. These chips also improve your fuel economy and provide more power from the engine which is something you will definitely want during cold winter days.

Polish your headlights

Due to shorter days, you will need to drive with your headlights on more often, so make sure they are in good shape. If they are out or weak, replace the bulbs. But if they are foggy or yellow, you might want to get them polished before you hit the road.

Get new wipers 

In most cases, windshield wipers need to be replaced every year, so if you didn’t replace your wipes for some time, now is the best time to do so. Your wipers need to be in top shape if you want to keep your view free of snow, ice and dirt. If you want to invest in something high-quality, look for new models with beam blades.

Wash your car

Cold winter months come with snow, slush, ice, salt and sand, yet not many people bother to wash their car during that time. However, it’s very important to clean your car both before and during winter. Give it a good wash and wax and it will prevent dirt build-up as well as keep the rust away from your car. Pay special attention to the area around your tires and front grille and give them a good wash with a pressure hose when you notice any build-up. This will keep your metal pet in good condition.

Pack a good survival kit

This might not be a car care tip, but it’s necessary for winter safety, especially if you often take long trips and want to ensure your vehicle is safe and comfortable. If you’re a city dweller, it’s hard to imagine being stuck in snow on a tiny road without a living soul to help you for miles. So, make sure to pack a good survival kit if there’s even a small possibility of you getting stuck somewhere deserted. Stock your car with a blanket, first-aid kit, knife, jumper cables and cell phone chargers (those that work with your vehicle’s cigarette lighter). Having a small collapsible shovel in your trunk and a de-icer spray in your glove compartment is also a great idea in case you get stuck in snow or your doors get frozen shut. 

Driving in winter can be very stressful, so don’t make things even harder for yourself by not being prepared. Check your car and quip it like stated above and you’ll be ready to go to work, visit your relatives and hit the slopes no matter the weather.

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