How many hours per week do you spend on your personal care? It may vary from person to person due to his/her lifestyle. Yet, I believe we as ladies should at least spend two hours per day. Personal care not only includes all the related activities of hygiene. It also includes taking care of yourself with a special attention to your mind, body and soul. Increasingly many women tend spend more time and money on saloons, spas and clinics for various beauty enhancement activities as they are more concerned over their appearance. Some of them are addicted to maintain such a life with other related spending areas in clothes and accessories. Very few women are engaged with essential personal care routine and others do not take care of themselves at all especially giving various excuses that they mainly lack time.

If we take a look at your outer appearance, your hair, face, nails and skin are visible at the very first glance along with your shape of the figure. So basically, we need to take an extra care on each part. Your hair can be of any length but we need to make sure it is well maintained with essential nutrients. I personally do not prefer any hair treatment which damages the natural hair. Then, the face is the most important part of our body as it depicts most of our expressions. You can prefer light or heavy or no makeup according to your preference. But make sure your face looks healthy all the time where timely clean ups, facials, massages can help you to have a clear complexion. Well-groomed nails are an important aspect when considering the appearance of a lady. Even though you apply nail polish or not, make sure you keep your nails clean with timely manicure and pedicure treatments. Also, your skin should be well moisturized to look young and healthy depending on the climate that you live. Even you can apply traditional homemade beauty remedies according to your culture without going to a beautician all the time to save money and time on these body parts. Then why do not you have a serious look at the person in the mirror. Are you satisfied with the image? If so, carry out the necessary activities to maintain that figure. If you are not, then follow up a proper diet plan or engage in an active lifestyle which helps you to lose/gain your extra weight.

Clothes and accessories help to bring out the real personality within yourself. Some women lack the sense of fashion where as some women overdo some fashions. Where ever we go, women tend to get the attention simultaneously and they are naturally being scanned from head to toe form the peers for the appropriateness of the dress, according to their knowledge. So, you need to dress according to occasion that you attend. Your sense of professionalism can be highlighted from the dress code also.

Nothing is complete if you do not have the inner equilibrium within yourself as well. It is the inner beauty I would like to mention eventually. It mainly can be gained through relaxation techniques, thinking patterns and attitudes in life. It can help you to be more focused in life with an attractive personality by changing your world.

In short, you should be confident enough to portray your real personality through your inner and outer beauty. The appearance is the first impression that you create on the society before your voice, behaviour and postures take the turns afterwards to say who you really are when you mingle with the people.

So, dear ladies, love yourself, be yourself and shine amongst those who never believed you could!

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