Being a first-time mom is one of the most exciting times a person can go through. Your baby is home and you can finally be a caring, loving and nurturing parent. However, your little angel is certainly adorable, but sometimes they can act more like little devils (they will still be cute, though) which can make you feel stressed and overwhelmed pretty quickly. So how can you battle stress in order to be a good and loving parent to your little bundle of joy? Here are some tricks you can turn to when times get rough.

Have a massage

While you probably canโ€™t hop into your car and book a relaxing spa-weekend, you can definitely leave your kid with your partner or grandparents and set aside a few hours for yourself. Make sure to book a good relax massageโ€”thereโ€™s no better way to battle stress. Tension from the brain often travels to your neck, shoulders and back, which an experienced masseuse can take care of.ย  If you donโ€™t want to leave your baby, you can find all sorts of great mom-and-baby massages that will help both you and your child.

Get back to your hobby

Of course, your child comes first always, but donโ€™t let them consume every single waking moment of your life. While your baby is asleep, you can dig out your old hobbies and let your brain relax and produce some of those happy hormones that will banish stress from your life. Hobbies like knitting, painting, chess, singing and playing music can be done right at home and give you something to do other than handling chores and making to-do lists for the following week.

Find a good playgroup

If you never get any time for yourself and your chores and stress have been piling up for some time, you can check out some good playgroups for your kid and get some alone time. If you find a well-organized playgroup, youโ€™ll ensure your precious little one is safe, secure and 100% entertained. Even 6-month-old toddlers can benefit from a well-planned learning program in a safe, warm and nurturing environment. Some facilities even have baby gyms where kids can work on their physical and cognitive abilities while you relax at home and battle stress knowing your little one is safe.

Catch up with your friends 

Donโ€™t forget that you were once a fun friend with many loving people around you. Call your friends and see whether they are up for a cup of coffee and some women talk. Many of them are probably mothers too, so you can share tips, laugh and be there to support one another. If you canโ€™t leave your home, you can schedule regular phone calls or Skype sessions. Catching up with your friends will remind you of the person you used to be, which is very important when it comes to battling and processing stress in a healthy way.

Go on a date

If you and your partner never get to see each other anymore, especially without the baby, make sure to change that as soon as possible. It might be hard to schedule a date while your baby is little and both of you are running on fumes, but you can get a sitter and have an early dinner and a movie. Or you can put your baby to sleep, order takeout and enjoy Netflix. With a baby monitor near, you can truly relax knowing your baby is fast asleep and you can focus all your attention to each other.

Catch some shut-eye

Sleep whenever you can, wherever you can. Every time your baby takes a nap, try to relax as well. If you have a partner by your side, make sure to create a good feeding and changing schedule that will allow you to get some rest during the night and wake up feeling (more or less) fresh and ready to take on the day.

Try yoga

If you prefer to spend those rare quiet moments doing something healthy and constructive, try yoga. You can find easy and relaxing yoga and meditation routines online, many of which last as little as 10 minutes. After your light session, you will relax both your body and mind, stretch your muscles, rest your eyes and feel completely rejuvenated. And, yoga is even good for getting rid of that baby fat, so itโ€™s a win-win situation.

You wonโ€™t eliminate all the stress from your life any time soon, but these tips can help you battle overwhelming stress and protect your health. When youโ€™re relaxed and healthy both mentally and physically, you can concentrate on being a good parent to your little poopy treasure.

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