From the moment you find out you’re expecting, you are more than ready to welcome your little bundle of joy to this world and shower it with all the love, care and attention โ€“ but also with toys and adorable baby clothes you’ve been observing in the shop windows for a while now. However, there are a lot of things to consider when baby shopping, most important being the health and the comfort of your little one, and then, of course, the budget and the look you want to achieve. Becoming a parent or expanding your family is overwhelming, and with all the parenthood obligations, stress and the excitement, proper baby shopping may be tricky. This is why we prepared the ultimate guide below, composed of four best tips for baby clothes shopping.

1. Always choose one or half a size above

And don’t buy too many clothes at once. This is the most basic rule about baby shopping. They’re growing so quickly that you’ll end up not even using most of the clothes you bought or received as presents for the baby shower. Your kid does need a lot of clothes, but it also grows bigger from day to day, so always choose one or at least half a size above your babyโ€™s actual age. Additionally, sizes can often be on the small side, meaning that most six-month-old babies can fit nicely into size 9-12 months, one-year-olds can wear size 2, etc. Therefore, a slightly larger size is always a safe option.

2. Buy cute, but functional

Yes, your baby doesn’t care how you dress them, and they will barely have any memory of their early childhood clothing style, except for maybe those outfits worn in a couple of family portraits. However, you’re excited about being a parent and enjoy dressing up your little one for even just a 5-minute walk around the neighborhood. There are plenty of stylish baby clothing brands with a lot of options nowadays, but, unless you want to go bankrupt or make your baby feel uncomfortable, buy clothes which are functional, even if they’re not the most fashionable items. Search for a kidsโ€™ clothes sale online and buy the cutest, yet super-useful outfits for your little one right from the coziness of your home. Additionally, check the fabrics of the items and make sure they’re good for your baby’s sensitive skin.

3. Avoid hoodies and collars 

As previously mentioned, functionality and comfort should come first. You can decide what you would like your children to wear, but always keep in mind that they might not be able to tell you if something’s bothering or hurting them. Therefore, avoid all possible sources of any sort of discomfort or obstacle to their health. Donโ€™t buy anything with an attached hood or collar, no matter how cute it may look with those fancy pants you bought last week โ€“ when the hood or collar touches the babyโ€™s cheek, it triggers the rooting and suckling reflex, making the poor baby anxious and in search for the nipple in vain. 

4. Stock up on the basics 

You’re probably hoping that your baby is special and won’t be as sloppy and babyish like most infants are, but it definitely will be. Babies are being babies, and they will get gross as soon as they enter this world, which means you’ll have to change their clothes up to 10 times a day. However, don’t despair, no one expects from you to prepare that many outfits in advance, and keep your baby’s look on point 24/7. The trick is to hoard onesies, white bodysuits and basic cotton T-shirts, which are super-comfy, convenient for any combination, and most importantly, easy to wash. 

The rush of love you’ll feel from the moment you hear the very first cry from your beautiful little one will come with a certain burden. Besides the stress, costs, lack of sleep and other sacrifices, shopping for your baby is part of this burden as well. As much as it sounds and it is fun, it can be tricky to find the right items for your newborn, especially if you’re looking for both comfort and style. Take a look at the tips we shared above and prepare for the most rewarding journey!

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