From an astronomical point of view, planet earth has four different weather conditions: spring, summer, fall (autumn), and winter. The beauty of these weather differences is their unique activities and features that characterize each season.

This coming summer, here is a list of sports that you can engage yourself in to stay fit and healthy. 

1. Swimming

Are you thinking of a sport to stay fit and keep your boy hydrated during summer? You should try out swimming. With the rise in global temperature in recent times, there is nothing compared to taking a deep in cold water to keep your body hydrated. Aside from the cooling effect, swimming as a form of exercise enhances your physique and an excellent way to shed few calories while cooling off.

2. Surfing

If you think of a sport to go way overboard during summer, you should try out surfing. Although to some people, surfing is more recreational activity than being considered a sport. However, that perception is changing due to the inclusion of surfing as part of the Tokyo Olympic Games, cementing the game’s place as a sporting event.ย  Before considering going for this nature of the sport, you need to be sure that you are not scared of big waters, and you must be daring enough to face ocean waves. If you are in Santa Barbara, you can attend Santa Barbara Surf School to learn the basics. In addition, to participate in a surfing game, you need to have the necessary kits like a surfboard, a wet suit, and a surfboard wax. With these kits and proper surfing training, you can begin your journey to becoming a surfing pro within a short period.

3. Beach volleyball

Summer is a period where most people make out time to visit the beach. So, instead of just sitting down idly to view other people or observing the ocean wave, you can engage yourself by learning about beach volleyball. The sport is not too technical for a newbie to comprehend. At the early stage of learning, all you need is the ability to lift, push and smash the ball. You can learn these basics by playing with others in few hours, after which you should be able to have a good rally on the game.

4. Table Tennis

For indoor games this summer, playing table tennis should be part of your to-do list. The game does not require many technicalities to learn as a starter. All you need is to know the rules, bat movement and positioning, and a few minutes of gameplay. Also, the sport isn’t as challenging and physically demanding, but you should prepare your mind for a moderate workout after every game.

5. Soap football

Football is an all-around season game that many people across the world enjoy. However, during summer, when the weather is hot, playing football leads to dehydration because it is highly physical. So, if you are tired of playing regular football, you can try out a variant of football known as “Soap football.” The sport shares a lot with football, only that the football pitch is smooth and wet with soapy water.

So, if you are ready to get wet and keep your temperature cool during the summer, go ahead and have fun by playing soap football.

6. Squash

Squash is an indoor game that is perfect for the summer season. However, the game has high intensity and requires lots of energy. Nonetheless, you can rely on the facility to provide shades against heat. Also, most squash courts are air-conditioned, so you can always cool off after each break session. You should know that playing squash can be a bit complex for a new player, but you will need to play consistently to feel the intensity of the game with the worn squash ball. Once you understand the rules and playing technicalities, you will realize it is fun and exciting. 

Engaging in different sporting activities is an excellent way to enjoy the summer period. With the sun usually at its peak throughout the summer, you should engage in sporting activities to stay fit and shed few calories. By participating in different sporting events, you must always make it a point of duty to drink a lot of water in large quantity.

The summer heat increases the rate of losing water in the body through sweating, drain moisture and essential nutrients needed to keep the body healthy. To prevent dehydration, you should increase your water consumption rate to replenish the moisture lost due to engaging in sport and the summer heat.

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