Love life is something that we are made to experience, we need love in our lives. Love is very unique for us humans, it is very different from the relationship that other animals make. It is something that can make a person feel the happiest in the world, yet it has brought down so many others. We are social creatures, we can not live alone and we need others and we need a close partner.

Without such close companions, we have innate mechanisms that make us feel miserable. People who have quirky hobbies, like the so-called nerds, often feel alone. This is because many people do not like to accept the differences of other people, even the smallest of things like different hobbies. The definition of a nerd is always changing, but people always know how to identify with the term nerd.


As a nerd, you are probably well familiar with the internet, and you should be. The internet can now be used for anything, including hooking up with fellow weirdos. Information you can take from leads to the conclusion that there is a variety of websites that can fit everyoneโ€™s desires. It does not matter if you are looking for someone more casual, or kinkier, you can find them on a different website.


In order to improve your love life, you need to know what you are looking for in another person. Many nerds stop this train of thought thinking that they can never find someone with the same interests. That is far from the truth, there are many people with the same interests as you. You may think that you are the most unique with all your weird hobbies, but there are a lot more people like you out there.

The thing is, we can not control which people are in our surroundings, it is all about luck. But, the thing that is up to you is to know what you want from a relationship. You need to know if you want a more serious relationship or something more casual. Are you looking for someone to love or are you looking for a personal therapist? Are you looking for someone to tell you everything is going to be ok while holding your hands or someone really honest?

Helping yourself

Before commencing a relationship, you need to know how you are holding up mentally and physically. It is important to try and help yourself before you try helping someone who you want to love. A relationship is only as strong as your bond which depends on many things, but it comes from both you and your partner. This is best achieved when you know that you are ridden of your insecurities and other problems.

Otherwise, these insecurities and such problems can bring both you and your significant other down. By having your side of the problems solved, you are guaranteeing that your half is under control. It is important to talk to a professional if you are experiencing more severe problems because partners are not therapists. Solving these problems will help you the most, and then your relationship.

Being honest

Love only works on honesty, without that it will crumble sooner or later. Such problems, even the smaller ones, will show on the surface of your relationship sooner or later. If you are not honest about everything, you and your partner will bear the consequences. This can either end fast if you are honest, or end up prolonging it and making it a slow and toxic downfall.

This means that you need to talk about both the good and the bad things in your life and in your relationship. This is very important if you start feeling uncomfortable because hiding those feelings only makes them worse. Being in a relationship does not solve all of your life problems, in fact, it is much different. When you are in a relationship, you will be forced to meet with yourself and your problems.

These awesome tips serve to improve your love life as a nerd in a different light. It serves to show you that dating and love are much different than what people talk about. It is also much different than the many stories that you might see in many movies, shows, anime, and manga.

It is important to view everything with an objective lens, without it, you are living in a fantasy. Even though the life of a nerd revolves around fantasy worlds, this world does not work like that. Even though it is different, it does not mean that the real world is ugly, at least not as ugly.

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