After the events of 2020, there isn’t a single person that hasn’t had to adjust their lives in one way or another due to the pandemic. For those of you who love to go to the gym and workout, it certainly messed up your daily routine. At home workout routines have been around for a while, but they certainly were never as popular as they currently are now. Even people who swore by the gym experience, have found it to be much more convenient. If this is something that you’d like to start doing but aren’t sure what kind of exercises to do, we’ve created a list of workouts that are easy for you to get into right now.

Yoga For Stretching & Core

If you’re not into anything that is too high intensity but would still like to work on your core and need to stretch your muscles, then you should definitely give yoga a try. All you need are comfortable clothes that you can stretch in, peaceful surroundings, and a soft surface like your carpet or a yoga mat if you have one. The great thing about yoga is that it can pretty much be done at any time as there are so many different levels and variations to it. You can find plenty of tutorials online to get you started. Something as simple as stretching your back and neck muscles to get the kinks out from sitting and working all day will do you wonders. There are even exercises you can do as you are sitting, so it’s extremely practical if you find yourself swamped all day at the desk. Yoga is also great for helping you regulate your breathing, and this does a great deal to get the circulation in your body going so that you can manage your aches and pains. You can always pair yoga along with another workout if you like, just make sure you take breaks between the two and that you don’t overexert so you don’t hurt yourself.

Body Weight & Household Items

More and more people are starting to pay attention to bodyweight workouts. If it has just popped up in your mind that you want to work out right now, then doing a bodyweight workout is the way to go. You can simply download a fitness app, and a good one will provide you details of how to carry out each workout. The variety of Spartan Home Workouts give you a good idea of the different kinds of exercises you can do without the need for any kind of equipment. This is the best thing to you if you want to tone your body without overdoing the muscles. It’s a healthy option to a safe and reasonable but effective fitness approach. Push-ups have a few different variations that focus on different parts of your upper body and arm and can be done according to difficulty as well. The same goes for pulls and sit-ups. If you would like to have some basic extra weight added, you can always use household items as an alternative to dumbbells and weight. Just make sure that if you’re using 2, that they’re the same weight and that you don’t spill anything on yourself!


Cardio is important because it is an all-around workout that helps you lose weight, control blood pressure issues and keep the circulation going the way it should around your whole body. There are so many different cardio workouts that you can do that are super easy to do at any time while you’re at home. Cardio is also a great way to warm up for any other kind of workout as it warms up your body and your muscles, putting you at less risk of pulling a muscle and hurting yourself. You can start off by jogging on the spot just to get things started, then you can do jumping jacks to really get your heart pumping. Squats are great for your hamstring, glutes, and quads, and if you do them regularly, they really help you strengthen your balance. Burpees are also very popular as they force you to make fast and sudden movements, and will certainly help you to break out a sweat, which is definitely the goal when you’re working out.

The workouts mentioned here are the best to start off with if you feel like you want to get started right away with your new healthy lifestyle without having to worry about equipment or prior training. These are the basics, and they are extremely effective in helping you keep a healthier body by keeping it active enough to help you avoid the aches and pains that are brought on by being too idle.

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