A proper display is critical to getting the most out of your gaming experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re using the modern graphics card or playing on the XBOX One X; it all amounts to nothing if you don’t have a proper display. This is because you’ll struggle with crisp images, hence missing out on the smooth gameplay view you desired.

A gaming monitor is a fantastic option for console gaming. It’s even more critical if you’re in a competitive play. A lot of people are now going for monitors for console gaming. In 2020 alone, the global gaming monitor shipments attained 18.4 million units.

Some of the ways you can benefit from monitors for console gaming include:

  • Monitors have faster response rates.
  • They have lower input lag.
  • They have higher refresh rates compared to TVs.
  • Monitors enable you to enjoy more competitive console gaming.
  • They’re excellent for you if you wish to play both PC and console games.

So, the best monitor for graphic design should give you a monitor with the perfect combination of the highest resolution and extreme performance. As a result, you can make the most out of your gaming experience.

You can also get such a monitor that matches your budget and has the latest options available. This is regarding technological features and connectivity with other necessary equipment.

By now, you know that monitors are indeed great for console gaming. Our article goes ahead to discuss the reasons why monitors are better for console gaming. Let’s delve in.

1. Monitors Have the Perfect Size to Enhance Your Gaming

In comparing gaming monitors with TVs, some people may think that big is always better. But, this isn’t the case with gaming. Gaming monitors are ideal for you to enjoy a private gaming space. Most of them range between 20 to 32 inches.

These smaller panels are advantageous since they take up smaller space yet give you the gaming encounter you need. Thus, the smaller monitor size makes it a great option if you have less space to deal with.

Note that the monitor won’t necessarily replace the TV you have in your living room. Instead, it will be perfect for a comfy gaming station in your bedroom or anywhere else you want in your house.

Besides, those who use TVs for gaming, which have considerably larger screens, tend to sit further away on the couch.

However, you get to sit much closer with a gaming monitor, perhaps at your home’s office desk. And, for a gaming encounter, being close to a smaller screen is more beneficial; Why?

  • Sitting closer to a small screen display on your monitor allows you to view the whole screen easily. So, if you’re playing as the First Person Shooter, you can quickly maximize your peripheral vision to monitor essential areas. Such areas include the map, ammo, and health bar. And, the best of it all is that you remain focused on the game’s action. This might look like a mere advantage. But think about that split-second when you shift your line of sight. This can be the main determinant of whether you get the kill or get killed.
  • Also, smaller screens tend to produce sharper images. This is because of a higher pixel density, which causes the perfect up-close viewing and brings us to resolution.

2. Response Time is Great With Gaming Monitors

One critical factor to consider when acquiring a gaming monitor is the response time. Response time determines how long it takes for the pixels to change colors. This is known as the “gray to gray (GtG)” shift.

Response time is usually recorded in milliseconds (ms). For most gamers, any response time higher than 5ms is considered too slow. Those playing more competitive games might claim even higher standards. For some, it may be stiffer such that a 1ms response time could be the only suitable option.

It helps to know that the response time with TVs isn’t always as good as with gaming monitors. 

The response times aren’t usually shown on the TV’s spec list. This is mainly because TV response times aren’t significant for the typical non-gamer viewers. Often, the primary aim for such consumers is TV shows.

That’s why TV manufacturers hardly offer this spec. And, this is also why gaming consumers are forced to find the ideal spec. So, with gaming monitors, you can quickly figure out the response time. You only need to check the spec list or read through the product description.

What happens if you use a panel with a slow response time?

Slow response times always lead to artifacts on the screen. Examples include ghosting or aliasing. These errors happen when new frames are rendered on the panel, but the pixels still take longer to change color. This leaves behind some leftover images, which are unsightly. They can also affect your physical reaction time significantly.

3. Gaming Monitors Have the Ideal Resolution

Resolution is measured by the number of pixels in the width and height. Take the example of Full HD, which has 1920 pixels in width and 1080 pixels in height. This is measured as 1920×1080. So, in short, a resolution is the number of pixels making up your screen.

Generally, the more pixels your monitor screen has, the sharper the image quality will be.

But other factors also come into play. Pixel density is another significant factor in image quality.

So, your 24-inch, Full HD gaming monitor will have sharper images than a 40-inch Full HD TV. The same amount of pixels are more tightly compressed in a smaller gaming monitor’s panel.

This also explains why viewing a gaming monitor from a closer distance is much better than viewing it from a far distance with the TV. Usually, the closer you are to a TV, the more pixelated it appears. This is because the pixels are far spread out over a larger surface area than is the case with a gaming monitor.

So, perhaps you may ask yourself, what resolution should you search for when looking for a monitor for your console gaming?

Well, it varies depending on the type of console you’re using. If you use an Xbox, original PS4, or Nintendo Switch, then the most you need is a Full HD since they’re limited only to that resolution.

However, those who own PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, both of which offer 4k gaming, need a 4k monitor. This is the only way to take full advantage of your gaming. Fortunately, there are varieties to choose from.

Wrapping Up

Generally, gaming monitors are designed for gaming. That’s why the control over your OSD (On Screen Display) caters directly to the needs and wants of gamers.

The designers employ game modes for particular color modes, genres, ON/OFF access to adaptive sync technology, and much more. They do everything possible to give you control over your gaming sessions and enhance your overall gaming experience.

Therefore, using monitors to play your console gaming benefits you with:

  • More enhanced viewing angles
  • Quick response times
  • Lesser input lag
  • More gaming alternatives
  • Excellent use of space

Ultimately, your choice of the monitor will also significantly affect your gaming encounters. So, to maximize your gaming, ensure you avoid a screen with excess features. And also, be careful enough to obtain one with the specs you need to brighten your PC.

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