In todayโ€™s search for solutions to all kinds of leg problems, questioning the efficiency of certain aids is highly present. Among those aids are compression socks or compression stockings which are often the subject of speculation. Do they benefit, how do they benefit, can they cause any harm, and do they really make a positive change are the most common questions associated with them. In order to answer them, it is necessary to know how they function as well as the nature of the treatment they offer. Through some of the details about their use and effectiveness, find out the secrets and reasons behind them and reveal if they are indeed helpful.

How They Work

Veins, having the task to carry the blood up against gravity, have a vital role. The muscles, on the other hand, are responsible for the circulation of blood which relies on their contraction to push back to the heart. These muscles weaken over time, especially if there is a family history of any disease. Veins also become unhealthy or dysfunctional over time and this disturbs their essential contribution to the whole organism. What part do compression socks play here?

Compression socks help push blood in the right direction. In fact, they are tight at the level of the ankle and progressively less tight up to the leg, which is designed for the purpose of directing the blood. Their crucial function is to cause better promotion of blood circulation to the leg which was damaged in any way. As time passes, they make your legs feel less heavy and less achy and help with the treatment of numerous leg diseases.

Diseases They Treat

There are various conditions that manifest differently to the veins in the lower limbs. Compression socks are used to eliminate those manifestations and remove the obstacles that prevent veins from their main function. Conditions, where compression socks help, are edema (swelling), venous insufficiency, varicose veins, lymph fluid accumulating in the legs, vein inflammation, deep vein thrombosis.

The most common disease and the most severe one is venous insufficiency. It is very difficult to manage these diseases and to recover the vein. The starting point of treatment for vein diseases is often compression therapy. Apart from diseases, compression socks can also be helpful to those having tiring occupations which demand sitting or standing for a long time, they also help with obesity and during pregnancy.

Understanding levels

If they fit, they really work. What does this mean? It means that in order to do their job, compression socks should properly fit your calf and ankle. They have different compression levels, but the best ones are those with medical-grade compression. Understanding compression levels can help you find those that fit you and your condition. Each level has its purpose and function that differently influences the potential of efficiency.

Enjoy them

Compression socks are mostly made of rubber, spandex, cotton, and microfiber. They come in different colors and styles which makes them more than a therapeutic aid. Find your favorite pair at and enjoy them! They act not only as a therapeutic aid but also as a fabulous piece of an outfit.

Still, say no to over-usage. Anything used more than it should cause harm. Compression socks are no exception. They should be used during the day and taken off at night, especially while sleeping. This is because when you sleep, you lie down and your legs and heart are at the same horizontal level. Thus, it can have a negative effect and cause some additional problems.

Promising For Sport Enthusiasts

Compression socks proved to be a good friend to sports lovers. In fact, a lot of athletes use them. They display positive effects on the mechanism of action during any kind of sport, even making actions faster and strengthening them. They enhance blood circulation and help deliver more oxygen to the muscles. Therefore they add to the better performance of the body. They also protect legs, both physically due to their fine materials, and internally, preventing over-burdening.

Are They For Everyone?

At last, can they be used by everyone? The answer is yes. Still, caution should exist and if you want to be sure about all the details and measurements, you should consult a doctor. The doctor will guide you to the right compression level that fits you the best so that you reach the highest potential of compression socks.

There is no doubt in their helpfulness, especially when used properly. They benefit overall health because the whole body suffers from the consequences of any kind of vein dysfunction. You will be thankful for this healing pair of socks once you realize the positive change they bring.

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