The world has become scarier and more dangerous than ever and going out is no longer as easy as it used to be. Safety no longer feels like a guarantee. You can get into danger when you least expect it.  Fortunately, there are plenty of apps that can help you relax and have fun wherever you go out. You do not have to live in constant fear. The following are some of those apps.

Scream Alarm

This free app is perfect for women. It has a simple one-button system and screams in a loud womanโ€™s voice to scare off potential assailants. While you would not want to push the scream button by mistake, you will feel safe knowing that you can get help at the push of a button if necessary.

Circle of 6

This app has won a few major awards. In 2011, it won the White House โ€˜Apps Against Abuseโ€™ Technology Challenge for being one of the most popular personal safety apps. It lets you pick six of your family members or friends to be a part of your circle. With two taps, they can receive an automated message with your location. You can hit the phone, car, or chat icons when you want them to call or text you. The app also has a danger button that can help you contact a hotline for victims of domestic or sexual abuse.

React Mobile

The free app makes it easy to send alerts to your family and friends when you need help. It is discrete and great for use in scary situations. The app pairs with a key-ring device via Bluetooth. You do not need to unlock your phone before asking for help. Your networks will receive the alert of your location as soon as you hit the button on the device.

Silent Can Send Beacon

This app can send text messages, emails, push notifications, and voice calls to your emergency contacts with just one click. It also has a setup to call emergency responders and 911. It can track location in real-time through GPS monitoring.


With this free app, you can set up a network of family and friends (guardians). They will use GPS to track your way home. When you hit the emergency alarm, your guardians will receive a notification with your location along with a video and audio recording from your phone. As mentioned at, walking while drunk can make you prone to accidents, so having safety apps with recording features are always a good idea. The recordings come in handy if you need to report to the police later.


Kitestring is not really an app. It is a text message service that checks up on you like a protective parent when you are out. It will send a personalized message to your emergency contacts if you fail to check-in by text. It is perfect when walking through an unsafe neighborhood or going on a first date. You do not need to download anything since it is not an app.

Watch Over Me

Watch Over Me is one of the most practical safety apps because it does not require you to unlock your phone. When you come face to face with an attacker, you are unlikely to get the chance to open an app. It activates and sends an emergency alert when you shake the phone. Even when your phone is unlocked, shaking turns on your video camera and alarm. It sends alerts to your listed emergency contacts.

Red Panic Button

Red Panic Button is a free app that works a lot like the Circle of 6 but with fewer features. When you press the red panic button, it sends your location to the listed emergency contacts through a Google Maps link. It can also access your Twitter and Facebook accounts and send emergency messages.

SOS Stay Safe

This app will send alerts to your preselected emergency contacts when you shake your phone.

Kinetic Global

The Kinetic Global app is free for download. To activate it, all you need to do is place your thumb on the screen. You will be required to enter a code that deactivates the alarm when your thumb leaves the screen. You can use a secret code to inform the authorities if you are forced to disarm. The alarm is so loud that it can deter potential attackers.

In conclusion, there are lots of apps that may improve your safety when you go out. Even though they do not stop attacks from happening, they increase your chances of getting help. Explore the options and settle for the most appropriate one for your needs.

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