Pizza lovers, raise your hands! This is for you! The joy of devouring a cheese-laden pizza is above everything else. The thin, crispy crust, the creamy cheese, the spicy vegetables, and the juicy pieces of chicken make the pizza worthwhile. It cannot be denied that there are many types of pizzas available in the market these days and we often have many options to choose from. Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the right pizza or order the one that perfectly suits all of your friends’ taste buds. If you are having the same problem too, donโ€™t worry, we are here to help. Here is an ultimate guide on how to order a pizza for friends Like a Pro:

Call Method

Call Method is a more traditional method of ordering pizza. It is useful for people who are less familiar with using online services. To do this, you need to call the pizzeria and place your order over the phone. You can write down your request on paper before calling to make the process easier. When it comes to choosing to place your order, you need to keep the below methods in mind.

Online Method

This is one of the easiest ways to order a pizza. Find a pizza place that supports online ordering. If you already know the name of an online pizzeria, use a search engine such as Google or Bing to find their website. A pizza can be ordered online through the pizzeriaโ€™s official websites, mobile apps or through other food ordering apps.

STEP 1: Choosing a Pizza Place

The first and most important thing to do before ordering a pizza is to decide which pizza place you want to order your food from. It depends on the distance from your home that these pizzerias are located. In the food order apps, you can see in which assortment your order can be placed by a specific point of sale / restaurant.

STEP 2: Navigate the Menu

The next step is to check the menu of the selected pizzeria. This way you will get an idea of โ€‹โ€‹all the pizzas available in the place. The next step will help you find the perfect pizza for your friends.

STEP 3: Choosing the Pizza

To choose the right pizza you need to focus on the following parameters.

  1. Size (Small, Medium, Large): The size of the pizza depends on the number of people eating it. In general, a normal or small pizza has 4 slices, a medium pizza has 6 slices, and a large pizza has 8 slices.
  2. Crust (Thin Crust, Cheese Burst, Stuffed): Crust can significantly determine the taste of your pizza filling. Popping is generally the most popular type of crust among cheese lovers because it adds an extra creaminess to the pizza.
  3. Vegetable Ingredients and Proteins: Several pizzerias usually have a certain proportion of vegetable and meat ingredients. Additional changes can be made upon request to add or remove certain vegetables or meats due to dietary restrictions. Toppings primarily include tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, tripe, olives, peppers, jalapenos, etc. Proteins include meats such as chicken tikka, Chicken meatballs, chicken sausages, etc.
  4. Sauce (Peri-Peri sauces, pesto, hot sauce): depending on the type of sauce they contain. Most pizzerias do not have the option to make their own choice of sauces.
  5. Cheese (Grated Cheese, Mozzarella): The standard cheese for pizzas is generally mozzarella and grated cheese. However, this only applies to additional cheese as most outlets do not give you the option to choose your own cheese.

STEP 4: Placing the order

Before placing your order, check the Coupons, Promotions, or Deals section of the website to see what is available. If the restaurant or delivery service has social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), check their accounts for coupons and promotional codes.

When ordering online, all you have to do is select the type of pizza (type, crust and size) and the topping (vegetables, meat and cheese). You can also order side dishes such as garlic bread, pasta, or chocolate cake for dessert with your pizza.

Click your shopping cart to review your order. You should see a shopping cart icon and or the words shopping cart or shopping cart somewhere on the page (usually near the top right corner). This shows a list of everything you’ve added so far, as well as a subtotal.

If something doesn’t look right, you can remove the wrong items from the cart and choose correctly. Some sites allow you to edit items directly from the cart, so you don’t have to delete them and start over.

If you have a voucher or a promotional code that is not included automatically, enter it in the blank field of the promotional code or discount code. This should recalculate the shopping cart to include your promotional discount.

Finally, add your address, phone number, and any instructions you’d like to give the delivery person.

STEP 5: Make Payment

You can make payment by credit/debit card, cash, or electronic wallet. Payment will be made in cash after the pizza has been delivered to your address. There are additional charges for taxes and shipping that are not listed in the menu prices. Also, pay attention to these issues before ordering.

STEP 6: Track Your Order

For most major delivery and restaurant services, you can track your order by clicking a link on the confirmation page or email. Tracking is usually done in stages – you can see when the restaurant takes the order, when it is prepared and when it is on its way to your place (if it is delivered). You can even view a map showing the driver’s live location delivery.

If the restaurant doesn’t offer order tracking, just make sure you are at home and can receive the delivery (or pick-up location) at the specified time.

So, grab your gadgets and go shopping for pizza for your friends. Happy ordering!

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