If you are buying an engagement ring to surprise your partner with a proposal or even if you both are shopping for it together, it is an exciting time. However, there are so many options for diamonds, shoes, clarity, color, stone, and metal that you will get confused.

Having prior knowledge about the various aspects of the ring will help you make a much better decision.

So, here is a simple engagement ring buying guide that might help you choose the right ring.

1. Narrow down on the shape

Deciding the shape or the cut of the diamond you want should be the first step. The cut will also dictate the price of the ring, as each cut is priced differently. Round cuts are one of the most expensive, whereas marquise or pear-shaped cuts are an affordable option.

If you want a bigger diamond, you can get more carats when choosing an affordable alternative shape instead of the classical round.

2. Type of metal for the band

Traditional engagement rings were made with a silver, gold, or platinum band but recently, rose gold has gained popularity as a distinctive alternative to yellow gold. While platinum and silver may look very similar, platinum is the expensive choice and has a greater density. Also, some metals are more prone to scratching, which might dull the look in the long run.

So, consider your personal preference, budget, and lifestyle while choosing the metal for the wedding band.

3. Carat Size

The carat size you choose can shoot up or lower the overall cost of your engagement ring. You can either have the largest stone with less clarity or the clearest stone in a smaller size if you have a limited budget. Going with the clearest clarity and the biggest size would burn a hole in your pocket.

You may even consider odd carat sizes, such as 0.92 carats instead of 1, as it could save you a lot of money and look almost the same. No one will be able to tell the difference at first glance.

When deciding the carat size, make sure to have a clear conversation with your partner and understand their expectation to choose the best option.

4. Buy certified products only

It is one of the most expensive things you buy in your life, so it is best to take your sweet time and shop smartly. When you finally decide on the dream ring, ensure it is a certified stone from an accredited laboratory like the American Gem Society for the Gemological Institute of America.

5. Ensure the certificates match with the actual diamond

If your diamonds are certified, they are laser inscribed on the girdle, which can be seen with jewelerโ€™s loupe.

6. Be smart about the color and clarity of the diamond

If you want to save on your purchases, consider buying the lowest colored diamond that looks colorless to the naked eye. The difference between the colors is enormous, but the difference in looks is not very distinctive to the naked eye.

The same concept goes for the clarity of a diamond. You can opt for the lowest clarity diamond as long as it looks clean to the eye.

If you want more information on this, you can look for an engagement ring buying guide online.

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