Homeschooling is an option many parents considered for their child. With the recent pandemic and concerns for safety, more parents are considering home-schooling. However, there are many concerns that surround this choice.

This can be a major decision for any household. A child’s education lays the foundation for the future. By examining the Pros and Cons, parents can make an informed decision on what is best for them and their children.

Pro: Choice of Curriculum

When homeschooling, parents have the option to develop a curriculum of their own or choose an online program to provide the structure they need. Students can get the best international school experience with The Perse School Singapore. These online schools provide parents a choice of curriculum that will meet their child’s needs.

Pro: Focused Education

Some children do not do well in the assembly-line education system that public schools can seem to be. When their education is focused around them, children seem to respond better and gain a better understanding of their schoolwork. When they have a question or struggle with an assignment, they do not have to compete for the teacher’s attention.

Pro: Flexible Learning

Not every child learns in the same manner. Some children are non-traditional learners or even have different learning abilities. Homeschooling allows the education to be tailored to the specific needs of the child to ensure they thrive in their schoolwork.

Pro: Family Flexibility

Public school has a rigid schedule that students must follow. If a family or health issue arises, the child misses school and falls behind. With homeschooling, it is easier to schedule school around the specific needs of the family. Even when the family needs to go out of town or the child is not feeling well, schoolwork can be completed from the comfort of their own home.

Cons: Social Interaction

The biggest concern when homeschooling is that the child may miss out on making friends. They may also miss out on some of the socialization learned in school. This can be easily overcome by ensuring the child has time with other children by joining groups and activities outside of the home.

Cons: Extra-curricular Activities

There are various extracurricular activities that a public school can provide a child. These things can offer socialization as well as help a child get into a college. Many homeschooled children do not get the same access to these programs. However, many public school systems are opening these activities to homeschooled children. There are also many groups that offer online membership.

Con: Full-Time Commitment

Homeschooling a child is a full-time commitment for the whole family. Parents must be willing to put in the effort to ensure their child has the proper curriculum and is getting their work done. They must also keep up on the local laws surrounding homeschooling to ensure they meet the requirements of the state.

Con: Misinformation

One of the biggest problems homeschooling families face is the misinformation that many other parents believe. Many people believe that homeschooled children do not get a proper education or are hyper-religious.

It can be difficult for the child or even the parents when dealing with those who do not understand that homeschooling can provide an education that is as good or better than traditional schools. In the end, it is important for parents to make the decision that will work best for them and their children.

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