Kayaking a versatile watersport that provides a high-energy workout with low impact on your joints and tissues, which makes it suitable for almost anyone. Kayaking is a great way to spend quality time with a group of friends or family while exploring nature from a new point of view. Therefore we have pulled out some tips on how to best use kayaking for exploring the world around you.

Recreational Kayaking

Recreational kayaking is usually organized in safe areas of water and there are many well-protected locations to be found to enjoy a relaxing paddle. It gives you a chance to explore the lakes, or even go for a tour around the city while kayaking down the river. Kayaks designed for recreational use are usually wide and stable and have larger cockpit openings for easy entry and exit to provide security and comfort for the less experienced. A recreational kayak is light, and thus easier to handle, both in and out of water. You don’t need any prior experience to enjoy this watersport and it is suitable for the whole family. You may even go a step further and set up an amateur kayak race and thus add up to the fun. You should always make sure that you have a kayak storage rack to store your gears safely. 

Whitewater Kayaking

For the more experienced individuals interested in more of a thrill, whitewater kayaking can be one of the most exciting ways to engage in watersports. It takes place in rivers, streams, or creeks where whitewater rapids. When going down the river rapids, paddlers are guaranteed to get one of the most thrilling experiences of a lifetime. As this isn’t the safest kayak activity, it is advised not to attempt it on your own, and it is important to make sure that you have the right kayak and canoe clothing and safety gear. Besides, it is highly important to make sure you have the proper experience required for the rapids you desire to kayak down. Experiencing the beauty and power of rivers this way is an utterly unique experience.

Whitewater Kayaking
Photo by Rune Haugseng on Unsplash

Surf Kayaking

This type of kayaking naturally takes place in the ocean. Paddlers basically take part in the same process as surfers, while the main difference is sitting in a kayak or canoe as opposed to using a surfboard. As experts on the kayak design from FantasticKayaks.com explain, the kayaks used for surfing are quite similar to those used in whitewater kayaking. They need to be small and light, easy to handle whilst riding big waves. It is important to keep safety in mind this time as well, thus having a fair level of experience on the water is a must for anyone thinking of trying out surf kayaking. From catching a wave back to shore to executing radical maneuvers in the power pocket of the wave, surfing a kayak lets you feel so many things you won’t normally find in a kayak.

Sea Kayaking

The same as surf kayaking, sea kayaking takes place in the ocean.  The only variety is that you paddle out into the sea rather than surf the waves towards the shore. The design of the sea kayaks is somewhat different from their river counterparts. They possess two sealed bulkheads, one of each at the bow and the stern of the vessel.  This type of kayaking also requires a decent level of experience but is more serene and easy to perform that previously mentioned. Sea kayaks can also accommodate up to three paddlers together, thus making it the perfect activity for a group of friends or a family to explore the beauty of lagoons and shores from a different perspective.

Kayak Fishing

This version of kayaking is becoming a largely popular alternative to catching fish from the shore or boats. Many shore-based fishermen are turning to kayak fishing since it allows you to get out on the water as an alternative to the often expensive and unavailable opportunity of boat fishing. The sense of stealthily sliding across the water to some hidden spot as you watch for any disturbance on the surface to hint at the presence of big fish is the reason why kayak fishing became a popular pursuit. To be able to reach places you could never think of visiting by boat, with the affordability of kayaking, paired with various aspects of outdoor recreation makes this perfect combination for fishing enthusiasts.

Benefits and of kayaking and its use in water activities and exploring secluded parts of this world might have been a bit underestimated. However, if you are a passionate kayaking enthusiast, this article should give you some quality ideas on how to level up your paddling experience.