Do you like to play at agario private server? If you are reading that you probably have played it and now you are searching for some alternatives. In this article, we are going to make you acquainted with some more games that have a lot in common with

This game aims for making your cells bigger. With more mass, you gain more advantages for eating other cells. started a real sensation in the gaming industry. Developers started creating more and more games with the same concepts and this article includes 8 of them that we consider are the best.

In players control cells that have to grow up in sizes to continue playing. Players eat pellets and absorb smaller cells that move around the same area. Pellets and cells are not the only objects to be on the map. Cells can also come across viruses. Eating them brings the greatest amount of mass. Players can attack viruses by ejecting mass into a certain direction. One more option provided there is splitting the cell into smaller pieces to increase the movement speed.

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All of the browser-based games follow the concept and they all have a lot in common. Entertaining is the first thing every .io game features. They are very simple and provide people with a simple way to spend some time in front of the screen. The genre is very popular, so you need to know not only about

Dots Eater battle online

Dots Eater battle online

This requires not only good gaming skills, but you should also use some strategies, which sometimes seem even puzzling and sophisticated. The developer of the game is Design Orbita. The gameplay is simple โ€“ you are bacteria that move around the ground to swallow dots and your opponents. 

Sometimes your enemies might be very experienced and they know how to catch you, so you need a lot of practice. You can also create the design of your bacteria by choosing some faces from the vast variety of available items.

Everything in the game corresponds to the .io standards โ€“ graphics are not too strange, the gameplay is simple, customization is affordable and available. The experience is definitely worth your time.

This game differs a little bit from the previous ones. If in you become slower because of increasing mass, here your speed is increased with the weight. Avoid bigger cells and chase for smaller ones. This game is a perfect alternative to and a good time killer.

Unlike the other .io games, represents to you the possibility to catch the dots by fidget spinners. This game is supposed to be the most entertaining on this list. Collect dots, reduce mass, and have a perfect time inside this unique world!

This game is probably second to none in the industry. It was released after but we dare say that it gained the same popularity. Instead of cells, you move like a snake. You have to consume your foes to stay alive. The game is supposed to be simple to play for all generations. If you still donโ€™t know what we mean, try

This playing is a kind of a new breath to the browser game industry. The interface and motives are very interesting as here you have kings, wizards, and other characters that are connected to the kingdom world. Conquer your enemies and become the best in the area.

The graphics are very outstanding and gripping, so be careful not to pay it too much time. However, this game deserves the most of your attention. Try it!

When in you are concentrating on both chasing and escaping your opponents, here you have to be focused on how to survive. To complete the game till the final stage, you should be a very attentive and skilled gamer. The game is pretty challenging and competitive. Donโ€™t waste your time and switch the game on!

The game was released by Games labs. Except for browsers, you can install it on your mobile device. Both Android and iOS are available. The concept is common to โ€“ you are a snake that tries to survive surrounded by enemies.

You can use many modes and power-ups because the enemies are not the only one trouble you will face there.

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This list is not complete and you can fill it with more interesting games. You can use this top 8 list just to search for similar games that are not so popular but deserve more audience for their gameplay, graphics, and other aspects. Browser games are your ideal choice for perfect time spending!

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