The desire for women to look beautiful is unchanged, but skin imperfections and unpleasant signs of aging can interfere with this goal. But despite this, there are many solutions in the world of beauty and aesthetics, which are able to hide defects. We recommend that you take a closer look at the new advanced drug, which has already won the hearts of many cosmetic gurus. Its name is Aesthefill, and it offers completely new possibilities in the field of contouring.

AestheFill is an innovative polylactic acid filler based dermal filler manufactured in South Korea. The amazing self-absorbing properties of this acid have been used in surgery to create surgical sutures for over twenty years. Due to its porous structure, AestheFill effectively stimulates the process of tissue regeneration: its microscopic particles, getting into problem areas, restore volume and smooth wrinkles, regardless of their depth. It is important to note that the preparation does not contain protein components that can cause an allergic reaction. Moreover, when the procedure is performed by an experienced master, undesirable side effects do not occur.

Main characteristics of the AestheFill filler based on polylactic acid

AestheFill Hydrogel is a pla filler, formulated using polylactic acid, which has been successfully used in medicine for over twenty years as an absorbable material for sutures and pins. By studying the natural properties of this polymer, scientists have determined its chemical and physical resistance, the absence of protein components that often cause allergic reactions.

The preparation uses globular particles of polylactic acid, known as thermoplastic and biodegradable polylactide, obtained from corn or potato starch using a polymerization method. The hydrogel naturally degrades over time without the need for surgery to remove it. As a result of hydrolysis, polylactide gradually breaks down into lactic acid and glycogen, and then is excreted from the body in the form of carbon dioxide and water.

One of the main functions of lactic acid is to signal to the body about various injuries (wounds, cuts, inflammations) and the subsequent constant formation of new collagen, which contributes to the complete healing and restoration of tissues. In addition, polylactide actively stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid in mature cells of the skin and connective tissue. The uniqueness of this filler lies in the fact that after its complete decomposition and removal from the body, which usually takes about 3-4 months, new collagen remains in its place. This stimulating effect lasts for more than a year, ensuring a long-lasting effect and the need to repeat the procedure no more than once every few years.

In AestheFill hydrogel, polylactide forms a porous structure with uniform fine particles that ensure uniform gel distribution.

Using the AestheFill polylactic acid gel 200 mg: extensive features and benefits

Beauticians in Europe and the US prefer to use AestheFill gel due to its ease of use and strong corrective properties. This gel effectively eliminates the manifestations of chronological aging by filling the resulting cavities in the skin. By acting on target areas, polylactide particles stimulate an active process of tissue regeneration and collagen formation, completely restoring volume and smoothing even deep wrinkles. The injection of the gel activates the skinโ€™s natural repair mechanisms, which slow down over time and stop working properly.

Here are the main indications for the use of AestheFill hydrogel:

  • Lipodystrophy affecting the facial region, neck, dรฉcolletรฉ, and hands can result in a decrease in volume, drooping and loosening of the skin, as well as reduced elasticity and density.
  • Sunken cheeks, temples, and nasolacrimal trough are among the depressed areas on the face.
  • Noticeable creases and furrows appear in the outer corners of the eyes, around the mouth, and in the nasolabial and premaxillary regions.
  • Scars, whether they are atrophic or a result of previous surgeries, can also be addressed.
  • Alterations in facial shape and contours, such as asymmetry and loss of volume, can be rectified.
  • Enhancing the fullness of lips and cheekbones is possible through volumizing techniques.
  • Chin correction procedures are available.
  • The restoration of youthful appearance to the hands can be achieved.

As a result, the use of AestheFill gel based on polylactic acid 200 mg provides a wide range of options for solving various aesthetic problems, as well as allowing you to restore youth and freshness to the skin.

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