For many years now, brands have been using performance marketing to acquire new customers and retain old ones. Even though this form of marketing produces results that are attributable and immediate, customers have started tuning out. In such a scenario there is a need to look for new ways to forge a meaningful connection with the target audience. This is where identity marketing comes in. This new approach relies on aligning the marketing message with the identity of the core audience.

Identity marketing can help businesses in targeting the consumer community of students too. This is done by providing them with a personalized offer, which encourages them to interact with the brand. But to target this consumer base, itโ€™s important to first carry out student verification to ensure that the offers reach the right consumers. If you want to know how you can acquire customers using identity marketing and student verification, youโ€™ve come to the right place. In the following sections, weโ€™ll cover everything there is to know on this topic. Letโ€™s dive right in.

Marketing to Students Using Identity Marketing

When it comes to marketing, people’s social identity matters. This is because it is the social identity that guides their behavior at any point. It is not a coincidence that people from similar social groups tend to consume the same kind of things. Brands interested in targeting a social group like that of students can leverage this opportunity through identity marketing and student verification.

Student marketing offers an untapped potential most brands are unfamiliar with at present. Although this consumer base is often considered to be financially constrained, that is far from the truth. College students in the United States are estimated to have almost $600 billion in spending power. Research also shows that the customer life cycle of students is around 10 years. This means that the earlier businesses capture the interest of this consumer segment, the more it will pay off in the end.

The key lies in identifying where the students are more likely to invest their money. Once you have an idea about what they want, you can offer the same in the form of a personalized offer (like student discounts) after student verification.

What is Student Verification of Eligibility?

If you are thinking of providing some sort of discount or promotional offer for student marketing, itโ€™s important to look into student verification too. The right student verification system can help you acquire them as customers. It can also protect your personalized offers from discount abuse since the eligibility verification will ensure that offer remains exclusive.

The student verification is a process in which the students would have to fill in their basic details like the school name, date of birth, and email address to claim the offer. Once you have the basic details of your newly acquired customers, you can remarket to them and build brand loyalty.

Benefits of Student Marketing Through Identity Verification

1. Drives greater ROI and loyalty: Personalized offers for students can influence their purchase decisions, as students are more likely to engage with a brand when they are given a student discount. Besides this, it will also help in increasing brand loyalty.

2. Reduces Customer Acquisition Cost: Personalized offers through student marketing can help in activating word of mouth. When students are offered great discounts, they can help in amplifying your promotional campaign. As a result, your customer acquisition cost (CAC) would be reduced significantly.

3. Targets the customer consumer tribe: Student verification ensures that the offers are redeemed by consumers who belong to the specific customer base you are targeting. It makes your personalized offer truly exclusive, and also helps in protecting your margins.


Itโ€™s amply evident that student marketing through identity verification can be a great way to acquire new customers. Since this method of marketing is inviting and non-invasive, your target consumer tribe will be more likely to come on board. When students have verified themselves, you will have the opportunity to retarget them with promotional offers through email marketing.