There are so many unique and valuable coins out there, it is hard to keep track of all of them. In this article, you will learn about six unique and valuable coins that you may not have seen before!

The 2020 Megalosaurus Coin

One of the most recent unique coins released by the Royal Mint is the 2020 Megalosaurus coin. This unique and valuable coin has a mintage of just one of the dinosaur 50p coins issued last year, making it extremely rare! Another unique feature about these unique coins is that they have been produced in high relief, which means more depth on both sides compared to other minted products.

The obverse side features Queen Elizabeth II while the reverse displays an image of one of these unique prehistoric creatures running through some dense foliage with his head lifted up towards the sky. A picture-perfect scene for any dinosaur enthusiast out there! This is a very interesting addition to the unique coin family as it can suit those looking to purchase a unique gift for someone special, or even an addition to their unique collection.

The Threepenny Bit

The Threepenny bit is a unique and valuable coin that people have rarely seen before. It was the first decimal currency of Great Britain. It was the first time that denominations of British coinage were changed from their historic terms to those relating to a decimal system with exact equivalents in new pence.

The Threepenny bit is unique and valuable because it was the first decimal currency of Great Britain, which they have never seen before. Another unique thing about this coin is that it has no denomination on its face, however, its value can be found at the bottom of the reverse side written as “ONE THREEPENNY BIT” surrounded by a wreath made up out of 50 pence pieces. The front or obverse also shows Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait with an inner circle surround her image showing the words “ELIZABETH II DEI GRATIA REGINA.”

The Half A Crown

Another interesting piece for coin collectors might be the half a crown coin. This unique British currency is currently worth about $75 but can be harder to come by than some other valuable coins you’ve seen before.

Of the unique and valuable coins that are out there, this might not immediately strike people as one of them because it’s somewhat common in circulation. However, if you have an old collection or find yourself digging through change jars at home, keep your eye out for these unique and valuable pieces of history!

The Royal Mint made this piece between 1937-1952 so they aren’t exactly rare, but definitely unique with their intricate design featuring the lion rampant surrounded by the royal motto “Dieu et don droit.” The Latin phrase translates into English as “God and my right.”

A Guinea Coin

The Guinea coin is attracting people’s attention in the numismatic world because of its unique design. The coins are very valuable not only to collectors but also to investors who want to diversify their portfolios with unique pieces that will increase in value over time.

The Guinea coin was originally developed by Prince William Henry, Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh when he became Royal Mint Master at the end of the 18th century. He decided to make a series inspired by ancient Greek gold coins which were used as currency during his reign between 1790-1800 AD. These golden guineas had pictures on both sides depicting King George III on one side and St.George slaying a dragon on the other side (see picture below).

The Gold Sovereign

The Sovereign was the first gold coin to be minted by the British Empire. It was first introduced in 1489, and today’s issue came into circulation in 1817. The unique design which features St George slaying a dragon on one side earned it this name because for many people Sovereigns were considered โ€˜good as gold. Today they are worth much more than their actual monetary value thanks to collectors who consider them rare treasures among other things like modern UK decimal coins or vintage paper money notes from around the world.

An Irish Penny

Lastly, the Irish penny is unique in that it has a square cut out on the top of the coin which allows you to see part of the date. This is an example of how unique and valuable coins can be just by adding little details like this to make them stand out from other more common kinds.

Coin collectors love discovering new ones every day and these are just some unique and rare ones that you should look for. It’s pretty obvious that their value will rise over the years so you better hurry. It can be a great addition to your treasury and can bring you a fortune one day!

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