Carpal tunnel syndrome is the condensation of your median nerve that leads to quivering and numbness. Another symptom is the weakness of the hand and wrist. You would find it difficult to lift objects in your hand.

CTS usually occurs when there is a swelling on your hand that puts pressure on the carpal tunnel. A wrist fracture, ligament damage, or arthritis could lead to the median nerve being compressed, which could cause the symptoms mentioned above.

Treatment usually involves wrist splints, NSAIDs, Corticosteroids, or surgery. Some individuals even look for a carpal tunnel keyboard if they work on a computer all day.

There are many causes for the syndrome. Some studies even show that intensive work involving the hands and wrists can lead to CTS, but that is still in question.

Best Keyboards to Tackle the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If your job involves a lot of typing, then don’t worry. You can choose comfortable devices that do not cause tension in your wrists. Since the keyboard is the device you’d be using all day, here are a few tips on choosing one that would help alleviate the pain.

Keyboard Without Horizontal Keys

The keys are placed in the shape of a slight semicircle or a wave to complement our fingers’ varying lengths. This creates lesser movement and stress to the wrist and enables typing to be an easy and convenient task.

Cushioned Keyboard For Comfortable Usage

The foam surface acts as a hand rest and reduces tension on the hand while you type on the keyboard. It provides a cushion that will prevent any pain from being caused on the wrist or hand.

Wireless Keyboard For Easy Movement

A Bluetooth-connected device allows you the freedom of movement without the restriction of any wires on the device. It offers the convenience of use and a more liberal typing experience.

Keyboard With Programmable G Keys

G keys are shortcut keys that allow you to perform repetitive tasks with single clicks. It helps reduce workflow periods. You wouldnโ€™t have to go through the entire tasks. Rather, you program the keys to carry out a specific task and use them whenever required.

Split Keyboard For Reduced Tension

A keyboard split into two halves will make it easier for you to move around your wrists in a relaxed manner without keeping it in one fixed position. This creates zero tension for both hands.

Daily Practices for CTS Patients

Mild conditions can get better over time by following a few simple practices:

  • Loosen your grip on objects and be gentle with your wrists.
  • Take breaks in between intensive work involving your hands and wrists.
  • Stay away from tasks that strain your wrists too much.
  • Make sure your hands do not get too cold.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is not incurable and will get better with the right lifestyle and treatments. Whether it is a good posture or a carpal tunnel keyboard, simple things can bring strength back into your hands.

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