Magic is all about establishing a connection with the larger universe and the natural energies associated with it. Through such links, Wicca lets you bring about significant changes that would perhaps not take place. While practicing Wicca, you need to keep in mind that energy is the force that binds the universe together. By acquiring the ability to manipulate such energy, you can bring out great and significant changes. Magic is essentially an art. Knowing the following symbols and spells is essential to the proper practice of this art form.

Symbols You Need To Know

The Triple Goddess

The triple goddess refers to the maiden, mother, or disagreeable old lady. Professionals from Wiccaacademy inform us that such feminine forms are exhibited as the waxing, complete, and waning moon. The triple goddess’s Wiccan symbol stands for the kind of mystery, energy, and psychic abilities associated with femininity.

The Horned God

It represents the dual nature of the horned god and is personified by night and day. In Wiccan theology, this symbol forms the male component of their belief system. The symbol stands for various aspects of the universe like wilderness, nature, hunting, sexuality, and even the life cycle.

The Pentagram

This is a powerful symbol that is frequently portrayed in popular culture. Pentagram derives its popularity for its great protective use against evil. The pentagram stands for the five essential elements of the world, which are:

  • Air
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire
  • And your spirit

Sunrise And Sunset

Sunrise, both as a time as well as a symbol, is most effective when you want to cast spells for its following characteristics:

  • Success in business
  • Purification
  • Employment
  • Study
  • Getting rid of addictions
  • Getting released from feelings of jealousy and guilt
  • Travel
  • Get or provide healing
  • And enhancing the conscious mind

Sunset happens to be the best part of the day to:

  • Lose weight
  • Getting relief from pain and mental anguish
  • Transforming negative habits

The Elementals Or The Quarters

Such Wicca symbols represent nature’s four elements and form the core components of any spell that you might cast. The signs additionally stand for the four directions where the air is north, the earth is east, fire is south, and water is west.

The Sabbats

There are eight crucial festivals that practitioners of the Wicca art celebrate, and this symbol represents the same. The celebrations are spaced out evenly over a year. The year in Wicca is sort of a wheel that stands for the journey of a human being’s soul.

Lunar Spiral

It is one of the feminine Wicca symbols and represents fertility, lifecycle, and childbirth. It also stands for intuition and other traits that are particularly associated with females.

The Chalice

The chalice is a representative of the goddess and the organs involved with female reproduction. It is also linked with feminine properties like the subconscious, intuition, gestation, and psychic abilities.

The Athame

It is representative of the natural element of fire. It is usually accompanied by the chalice and stands for masculinity to together represent creativity and procreation.

Essential Spells That Might Help

Money Jar Spell

You truly need to believe in this particular variety of spells to work most effectively. It is trendy obviously for its intended acquisition of wealth. For the money jar spell to work, you need to manifest it with goodwill. Other elements need the desire for the result and concentration.

If you are reading about this particular spell, chances are you can do with some extra amount of cash, fast. This specific spell might indeed work, but your desire needs to be strong enough to attract adequate energy. You can cast this spell by collecting different wealth-related items into one single jar. Such jars will then serve as a magical mind’s eye, which your mind can focus on while casting the spell. The spell uses the law of attraction and the micro and macrocosm view of the universe. The items in the jar attract wealth to your representation as within the pot. Of course, the money will not shower down from the heavens, but often this spell will lead to events resulting in a much-needed amount of cash. However, one word of caution- pair the spell with a protective action so that the money does not come in the form of compensation from accidents. It happens more often than what you might be tempted to think.

Mabon Balance Ritual

Mabon, which in general parlance stands for Autumn Equinox, is perfect for casting a spell for someone to realize the balancing act of nature and the universe. It helps people accept the terms of their lives better and appreciate the silver lining that accompanies all dark clouds. It is indeed possible for us to consider both positive and negative aspects of a situation or event. This realization of balance gives us greater control over our lives. The Northern Hemisphere residents celebrate Mabon on 21st September, while the date is 21st March for people residing in the Southern Hemisphere.

Wicca is rich in symbolism which assists in and takes part in even a wider variety of spells that you can cast. While this article’s confines won’t permit more detailed and comprehensive information, it should help you get started!

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