Most folks in today’s world take a shower or bath at least once a day. Especially with the changing of the seasons, dry skin and other ailments can cause discomfort. Some learn to live with it, but in this article, we’re going to discuss what you can do to help and experience relief, in some cases overnight.

What Is Mild Soap?

Let’s start off by answering a simple question and that is, what is mild soap? Mild soaps are gentle skin cleansing products that generally are made with all-natural ingredients with special attention paid to their pH balance and void of any synthetic or man-made fragrances.

So What Do I Look For?

When looking for a gentle soap, be sure to pay close attention to the ingredients label on the packaging. You need to stay away from anything that isn’t edible or food-grade, and definitely abstain from anything stated simply as ‘fragrance’.

Every soap needs to contain fats and the most gentle fats for the skin are going to be plant-based. This includes but is not limited to ingredients such as olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and so on.

Fragranced soaps are fine in general, but if the ingredient list simply says ‘fragrance’, it’s often a hidden cause of irritation. In staying in line with being on the lookout for an all-natural product, essential oils are completely natural sources of various scents and don’t contain any skin irritants.

Wrapping Up

Many commercial soap products on the market today can be deceiving as their labeling will include verbiage indicating it’s specifically made for sensitive skin, unscented, or even all-natural. 

In order not to fall prey to clever marketing it’s important to become accustomed to reviewing the ingredients list on the soap packaging and keeping the list as simple, and natural as possible.

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