If you’ve been putting off giving your bathroom the love and attention it deserves, why wait any longer? It’s time to give your bathroom a redesign!

The good news is that you don’t have to redo everything in the room to make an impact. With just a few simple changes, you can make your bathroom feel like a whole new space.

Besides, if you live in an apartment, you might not be able to give your bathroom a full overhaul. If your lease prevents you from altering the apartment, you could lose your security deposit!

So, let’s keep it light for now. Here are nine easy DIY tips for redesigning your apartment bathroom.

1. Switch Up the Lights

To give your bathroom a fresh look, change the lighting. Consider getting some pendant lights.

When paired with LED bulbs, pendant lights can give your bathroom a chic, elegant look.

Or, you could even hang a chandelier from a hook on the ceiling. Yep, that’s right, you can have a chandelier without rewiring the room!

Your bathroom will give off Hollywood glam vibes! 

2. Apply a Self-Adhesive Countertop

If you’re not crazy about your countertops, it’s easy to give them a makeover. And don’t worry; we’re not talking about tearing them out to replace them.

For a simple countertop revamp, find some removable adhesive vinyl or Con-Tact paper. These products will change the countertop’s appearance without damaging it. 

Your plain countertop can get an instant upgrade to marble or granite! 

3. Paint Your Vanity

Check with your landlord to see if you’re allowed to paint the fixtures in your apartment. If they approve, paint your bathroom vanity

Painting the vanity is fun because it can add an extra pop of color to your bathroom. (Don’t be afraid of using a color other than white!)

You can also paint it to complement the nearby decor. When your vanity matches your shelf, shower curtain, and maybe even your towels, your bathroom will truly shine.

If you proceed with this project, it’s essential to use semi-gloss or glossy paint. Flat paint is nearly impossible to clean, which is obviously bad in a germy bathroom space.

4. Add a Wooden Ladder

Putting a wooden ladder in your bathroom can add the perfect appeal. Plus, it’s also useful! 

A ladder is excellent for conveniently hanging towels. Put clean, folded towels on the steps. They’ll be accessible to you and your guests!

There are other items you can put on the ladder besides towels. 

If the steps are wide enough, put a few plants on there to brighten up your bathroom. The natural elements will surely make an impact! 

5. Hang Another Mirror

If one mirror isn’t enough, hang another one.

Find a mirror you like and hang it on either the wall or the door.

The great thing about door mirrors is that they often hang over the door itself, so you don’t have to mount it with screws.

You can also hang your mirror using thick rope. This look is perfect for a nautical-themed bathroom!

6. Use Candle Jars as Storage

Instead of using mason jars for storage like everyone else, give your bathroom an elegant upgrade by using candle jars.

They’re ideal for storing things you’d like to locate quickly. They work well for storing cotton balls, cotton swabs, and other small toiletries. Putting bobby pins or chapstick in the jars is also an option.

Candy jars make great storage solutions, too. You were going to throw them out anyway, so why not repurpose them to organize your bathroom?

7. Hang Wicker Baskets on the Wall

Here’s an easy DIY project that will give you more storage space:

Invest in a few wicker baskets and hang them on the wall!

What you put in the baskets depends on their size. If the basket is large, you can store washcloths or even toilet paper in them. If you have small baskets, store lightweight items such as cotton balls in there.

Wall baskets are a unique storage option that’s both functional and stylish. 

8. Change the Hardware

To give your bathroom a new look, change the hardware.

Here are a few things you might be able to modify: 

  • Bathroom wall shelves
  • Towel racks
  • Robe and towel hooks
  • Towel rings
  • Toilet paper holders 

Keep in mind that you may not be able to change all the hardware due to apartment policies. Check with the management team to find out what is and isn’t allowed. 

After getting the green light on specific hardware, go for whatever style you want. Modern or rustic would both be fantastic styles to try! 

It’s up to you to select hardware that complements the rest of the room. Once your creative juices start flowing, it’s going to look incredible!

9. New Decorative Accents 

If you don’t feel like painting or nailing anything to the wall, that’s okay! There are lots of ways to be creative in your bathroom without making any serious changes.

A new toothbrush holder, for example, can improve your bathroom in a subtle way. Another idea is to stack decorative washcloths in a basket.

Or, you can always place a few small framed photos on a floating shelf or counter or consider photos turned to paintings.

If you have a dog,  a small and stylish dog bed on the floor can be a fun addition. Remember, even if they don’t use the toilet, it’s your pet’s apartment too! (Plus, they might like to hang out with you while you get ready in the morning.)

You don’t have to do a significant overhaul to make a difference in your bathroom. Sometimes, it’s the small changes that make the most impact.

In Conclusion

When it comes to reorganizing your apartment, your bathroom may not be the first room on your list. But it’s an important room, so you should give it the attention it needs.

Hopefully, this list gives you plenty of ideas on how to upgrade it. As you can see, there’s an endless amount of ways to create a bathroom that suits your style and needs. 

Enjoy applying these storage solutions and trendy decorating ideas. Your bathroom is going to look incredible!

Editorial note

Lindsey is the Community Manager for Siesta Key.

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