In today’s competitive gig economy, vehicle owners have several income-boosting options. Whether you’re looking for ways to use your spare time or offset ownership costs, here are eight of the most lucrative side hustles for car and truck owners.

Drive for a Rideshare Service and Turn Your Car Into a Cash Machine

A common side hustle for vehicle owners is driving for rideshare services. Lyft, Uber, and other platforms give drivers of used trucks and cars flexible ways to earn money and transport passengers. Set your own schedule, explore your city, and meet new people—but be mindful of company and state regulations.

Deliver Convenience With Food and Grocery Delivery Services

Grocery and food delivery services have become very popular, offering drivers a great way to earn extra cash. Services like Shipt, Instacart, Uber Eats, and DoorDash connect drivers with buyers who need groceries and meals delivered. With the ability to choose your hours, this side hustle lets you earn on your terms.

Turn Your Car Into a Rolling Billboard With Vehicle Advertising

If you’re willing to drive around with branding on your vehicle, consider turning it into a billboard. Companies like Carvertise and Wrapify connect drivers with brands looking for promotional opportunities. You’ll make money for allowing your vehicle to be wrapped in company graphics, and this passive income stream allows you to profit while sticking to your routine.

Work for a Last-Mile Package Delivery Service

E-commerce is bigger than it’s ever been, and that growth has brought an increase in package deliveries. Companies such as Amazon Flex allow drivers to work as independent contractors, delivering orders to customers. This profitable side hustle combines convenience, easy scheduling, and personal satisfaction. Check each delivery’s requirements, and you’ll be on your way to easy money.

Share Your Wheels When You’re Not Using Them

If your car or truck spends more time in the garage than on the road, consider signing up with a peer-to-peer car rental service. Turo and other platforms allow owners to list their vehicles for rent, setting their own pricing and terms. This can be an easy, profitable way to offset ownership costs while giving others access to transportation when needed.

Shine On the Go With Mobile Detailing and Car Wash Services

Tap into the increasing demand for accessible, convenient car care by offering mobile detailing and wash services. With the right supplies and equipment, you can offer on-the-go car cleaning services to busy clients. This easy side hustle allows you to use your vehicle while offering useful services to others.

Work During Local Events as a Shuttle Driver

If you’re in a busy area with frequent events, consider offering shuttle services to attendees. From festivals and concerts to sporting events, people need convenient, reliable transportation options. With shuttle services, you can profit while offering an elevated event experience. Be sure to secure permits and comply with local guidelines.

Put Your Van or Truck to Work: Get Moving

If you own a van or a truck, put it to good use by offering hauling and moving services. Many people need help with appliances, furniture, and other large items, and various online platforms allow users to list their services and connect with customers. While this side hustle can be demanding, it’s a good way to make extra cash.

Consider the Drawbacks of a Side Hustle

Although using a vehicle to make money is a benefit to those who want to work for themselves, it’s not always easy. Before signing up for any of these opportunities, consider downsides like:

  • Higher maintenance fees: No matter which side hustle you choose, you’ll pay more for auto maintenance—which most companies don’t cover.
  • Increased insurance premiums: Driving others around or doing deliveries will mean adding to your car insurance. Even if you decide not to add coverage, you may pay more because your car is being driven more often, which increases accident risk.
  • Greater risk: Driving at night and during rush hour increases the risk of accidents—and letting strangers into your vehicle can be frightening. Even beyond those risks, you’ll deal with other problems when doing a side hustle.
  • No guarantees: While most gig workers rely on a combination of base pay and tips, there’s no guarantee that you’ll make money. Your income will largely depend on the availability of work and the time it takes to complete each task.

These are some of the risks drivers face. Before using your vehicle for gig work, consider these drawbacks carefully.

Success Tips for Gig Drivers and Side Hustlers

All gig economy jobs are different, but there are a few commonalities. Here are a few success tips for vehicle-based side hustlers.

  • Maintain your vehicle: Regularly maintain your vehicle so it’s in safe, operable condition.
  • Know your expenses: Keep track of vehicle-related costs, including insurance, maintenance, and fuel, to calculate profits accurately.
  • Plan your route: Work during high-demand times for maximum earnings.
  • Follow the law: Stay updated on local regulations and requirements related to your gig job.
  • Focus on customer service: Provide excellent service and you’ll build a positive reputation while gaining repeat customers.
  • Set attainable goals: Choose achievable income goals and adjust them based on your preferences and availability.
  • Get the right insurance coverage: Ask your auto insurance provider if you need special coverage for gig work and rideshare driving. Some platforms, such as Uber, provide supplemental coverage during working hours.
  • Communicate with customers: Clear communication is essential. Provide regular updates, respond to questions, and offer an estimated arrival time.

These are just a few tips to maximize your earnings and achieve success as a gig economy driver. Follow them and watch your profits soar!

Get on the Road to Higher Income

Whether you want a flexible part-time position or need to offset the costs of vehicle ownership, these side hustles offer great opportunities—and these tips will help you succeed. Choose a gig that fits your vehicle type, preferences, and lifestyle and start driving your income today!

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