Practicing self-care is something that will make you feel better and happier; it helps you to combat stress and keeps you healthy.  Over the years, nutritionists have offered so many products that will enhance your lifestyle. Create time for yourself and do things that will make you to stay highly motivated and healthy.  Here are 8 tested and proven ways you can implement self-care in your daily lifestyle:

Go for a walk

Going for a walk is a great self-care activity. Going for a walk comes with a lot of health benefits- it lowers your stress, anxiety and calms down your nerves. It is likened to going for hiking, jogging, biking or cycling.

If you are weighed down by the burden of the day, you will discover that going for a walk can help you to calm down your thoughts and ease off mental stress.

Eat regular meals

To keep your energy level high, you need to eat regular meals. Listen to your body, and eat only foods that will help you to perform at an optimal level. So, eat the foods that will boost your energy levels, so that you can achieve everything on your to-do list. However, if you suffer from overeating due to stress, emotional comfort or any other reasons, it may be tough to control food portions. In that case, one option you may wish to research further involves combining 16:8 intermittent fasting (1) with an appetite suppressant such as PhenterPro or phentermine (2). Drinking one cup of black coffee during the fasting period can be helpful to blunt hunger as well without consuming many calories.

Take a deep breath

Breathe consciously and slowly. If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed with workloads, pause and take a deep breath. This will calm you down and return you to normal body performance. Taking a deep breath refreshes you, and boosts your capacity to handle your daily task more intelligently.

Get a good nightโ€™s sleep

Getting a good sleep is a great way of practicing self-care. You canโ€™t say you are taking care of yourself if you canโ€™t have a good night rest. Unfortunately, many people are not getting enough of it.

Getting a good sleep will enhance your overall performance. Make sure you go to bed on time. Every night, make sure you get at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep. This will help you to perform better the next day, because not having a good night sleep the previous night can have a negative impact on your performance at work or school the following day.

Change scenery

Take a break from a familiar environment and go to a new place- visit some tourist attraction centers, attend a seminar, or symposium, go out to meet and network with new people.  Go out of your comfort zone, even if it is just for a day or two. It could be more interesting if you do this with your circle of influence; friends, colleagues, peers or family.

Go out of your comfort zone and go for a mini-vacation, weekend trip and see what is happening in the other side of the world. The world has so much to offer.


You can never go wrong by engaging in exercise. Engaging in a regular exercise routine is key to a healthy lifestyle (3). Create some time for exercise, even if it is just for a day or two in a week. This exercise could be playing volleyball, football, lawn tennis, table tennis, walking, hiking, biking, swimming, skateboarding or rock climbing, jogging or running.

You can do any of these in the company of friends, family, peers or colleagues- all these are awesome ways you can make yourself feel great.

Eat Good mood food

A popular adage says that โ€˜you are what you eatโ€™. The truth is that eating good mood food can truly and actively change your mood for better. Please desist from eating junk food- which makes you moody and sluggish in the long run; instead try to be eating foods that will boost your energy levels such as fruits and vegetables.

Healthy salad
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Spread the love

Keep spreading love wherever you find yourself. Call your parents, loved ones, and well wishers periodically and appreciate them for all they have been to you. Tell them you care for them, and that you are always there for them, and give them reasons to believe in you.

This will not only make them feel good about you, but will also reminds you great things you can do about your life. Being good and staying highly motivated energizes you, it takes nothing away from you, and it comes with other priceless benefits. It is a great self-care to care for yourself and your loved ones simultaneously.

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