People say men can’t live without their cars, their sports and their video games and that’s true. Besides their partners and buddies, these are their fave things in the world! However, let’s dig a little deeper and see what’s that men can’t and shouldn’t live without. These essentials will not only make every man’s life easier but also make him more handsome and sophisticated. 

A black umbrella

A solid black, durable and trusty umbrella will never go out of style. If you carry that cheap, flimsy, neon thing, it will instantly make you look childish and irresponsible. So, opt for something more expensive, so that you can always stay dry and even shelter some unfortunate lady. Next to a small and practical wallet, this is the absolute must-have item in every man’s home. 

Classy watch

Sure, you probably have three digital devices around you at all times, but the can never replace the elegance and feeling of a watch. Every grown man needs to have a timepiece that’s simple yet attractive. Your safest bet is to opt for a brown or black leather band. Examine your closet and see which color you wear most (are your shoes and belts mostly black or brown?) If you want something that can be worn anywhere and anytime, minimalism is the way to go. Grab an elegant reusable travel mug and it will show off your watch the right way. 

Quality hair products

No matter if you rock your hair short or if you’re proud of your curls, you need something to keep your hair in check. So, make sure to invest in quality hair styling wax to make you look clean, trendy and handsome. Good products have softening, moisturizing and rebuilding properties that will nurture your hair and give it shape in a completely natural way. Organic products are not only best for the skin and hair, but also for the environment. There’s nothing sexier than a man who cares about his looks and the wellbeing of the planet! 

A good bag

There’s no better accessory than a classy bag that will provide you with all the storage you need. Putting stuff in your pockets is for amateurs! A messenger bag used to be reserved for middle-aged commuters, but modern designers truly turned this piece into something attractive and practical. When you want to travel light, you can switch your messenger bag for a small cross-body bag aka bum bag that will hold your bare necessities like phone, wallet and keys. These are really popular today and guys wear them with literally everything from shorts and sweatpants to literal suits! 

A simple tie

You don’t necessarily need a tie with your suit every time, but every formal even will require one. If you need a go-to option, solid gray or dark red will never fail you. If you prefer a preppy path, think navy diagonal stripes with a second contrasting color, while bolder dressers can choose small, subdued print in darker colors (gingham or checks). 

Leather jacket and fitting jeans

This is one of the most versatile clothing pieces and it fits any man in almost any situation. Once the temp drops, you can sport it with a hoodie, jumper, t-shirt or shirt underneath. A pair of raw-edge jeans that fit well without sagging at the knees and bottom and without any cheesy chemically bleached parts is the way to go. Something firm and dense will look casual yet sophisticated in any situation. Pair them with a simple shirt and leather jacket, blazer or overcoat and voila! This timeless look is perfect for anyone and it will undoubtedly make you look effortlessly cool.  


If you want to add instant sophistication to your look, buy a black roll neck. This item can be worn with a shirt, blazer, overcoat and even a cool denim jacket. If you feel like an old-school bad-ass, pair it with trousers, dark skivvy and slicked-back hair. For something modern, pair it with a bomber jacket and sneakers or denim jacket and Vans. You actually have a lot of choices when wearing this staple wardrobe element. 

These must-have items will make any man’s life easier, more practical and more stylish. So, go ahead, do your shopping today and enter a new era of a modern man as soon as possible.

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