Money isn’t the only reason to get a job when you’re in college. Here are a few other reasons to work while you pursue your education.

Your studies should always come first when you’re in college. But for many students, maintaining a part-time job is an opportunity too great to pass up.

On the fence about whether to work while in college? There are downsides to consider, such as balancing your coursework with a job and social life. But there are also many upsides that will do you good in the long run.

“Like what?” you may be asking.

Read on to learn the seven reasons you should get a job while in college.

1. Money

Everyone works to earn an income, whether you’re 18 or 48. Working while you’re in college can provide you with enough money to finance your living expenses and social life.

It can also help cut down on the amount of loans you need to take out (and that you must pay off in the future).

Have to work to make ends meet while in college? There are many unique jobs suited to college students that allow you to make money while earning your degree.

2. Experience

No matter where you work, you’ll gain experience that will serve you when job-hunting in the future.

You’ll probably work as part of a team, which is something most hiring managers look for. You might also get some customer service or sales experience, which will look great on your resume.

As a bonus, any experience you pick up working during college will help you navigate similar situations as you follow your career path. And these experiences will put you ahead of competitors who did not work when they were in school.

3. Networking

Networking is key to building personal and professional relationships. Working while you’re in college will help you make connections with people who may have a hand in your future.

You may not realize that college jobs are great networking opportunities. But consider this:

  • Your employers can provide future references.
  • Your fellow employees may recommend you for a position in your dream field.
  • A customer or client may remember your excellent work and want you to work for them down the line.

You never know what bridges you may build working during college. Just remember to maintain a positive attitude and work hard to leave a good impression on those around you.

4. Improved Grades (Potentially)

Believe it or not, working while in college can actually help you improve your grades. Students who work 15-20 hours a week tend to have higher GPAs than unemployed students.

However, students who work more than 20 hours often have worse grades.

How is this possible?

Working part-time can help you improve skills like time management and maintaining responsibilities (more on this next). When applied to your coursework, these same skills will help you improve your work, and thereby your grades.

Strike a healthy work-school balance and raise your GPA in the process.

5. Build a Sense of Responsibility

Working while in college will help you develop a sense of responsibility that you’ll carry through the rest of your life. Your college job may be your first one ever, so it may be the first time you have real responsibilities placed on you.

Here are tips on how to perform your job responsibly:

  • Show up for your scheduled shift. Pulling a no-call, no-show may get you fired.
  • Develop your time management skills by arriving to work on time.
  • Stay for the entirety of your shift. Asking to leave work early is okay during emergencies, but don’t make a habit of it.
  • While at work, keep busy. Even if you’re not interested in what you’re doing, making an effort will look good to your employers

The faster you build a sense of responsibility, the better you’ll fare on the job. And the stronger sense of responsibility you develop, the more it will serve you in the future.

6. Faster Promotions

If you work in a field related to your major and future career, you will learn transferable skills. When it’s time to apply to a job in your field after graduating, you’ll start with some experience.

This can lead to a faster promotion or even a higher rate of pay than your fellow employees who may not have the same on-the-job experiences.

Having hands-on experience will also increase your chances of being hired after graduation. It will help you stand out among others who may be applying to the same job.

7. Easier Transition

After graduation, the routine of getting up every morning for work can be a shock to your system (especially if you never worked a job and aren’t used to waking up before 1:30 in the afternoon).

But this won’t be your problem for you! While working in college, you’ll wake up early and head straight to work some mornings. Once you’ve graduated, waking up at 7 a.m. and joining the daily grind won’t be such a big deal.

So, do yourself a favor and work while you’re in college to get settled into your new adult life faster.


There are many reasons to work while in college. For some, it may be a necessity, as they have no other source of income. Other students may get support from their parents or financial aid through school.

No matter what your situation may be, having a job in college will benefit you now and in your future.

Remember these key points:

  • You’ll earn money.
  • You’ll gain work experience.
  • You’ll meet new people and make lasting connections.
  • You may improve your GPA.
  • You’ll build a sense of responsibility.
  • You may increase your chances of a promotion after graduating.
  • You’ll transition into the working world faster.

These are the seven reasons you should get a job in college. They are all important to your education and work experience.

Just remember not to push yourself too hard and to enjoy your time in college. It only happens once in your life!

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