Tow truck drivers are generally called for tows when someone is stuck in the mud, tow truck, or when they need a tow. But tow trucks can also be used for tow services to transport people who have wrecked their car and require assistance getting back on the road. There are many reasons that people may call for a tow service, but there are nine of the most common ones that you should know about.

1. The vehicle is stuck in the mud

First on the list is when the vehicle gets stuck in the mud. This can be a big problem since tow trucks are not usually suited for this type of work, and there is also the fact that tow truck drivers may refuse to take your car out as they wonโ€™t have been prepared beforehand.

  • While tow trucks aren’t designed for getting unstuck from mud, it’s still possible if you call one.
  • Keep in mind that tow drivers may decline if they weren’t expecting such an issue ahead of time.

2. The vehicle has run out of gas

Should a vehicle run out of gas, tow truck drivers are the perfect people to call. If you need tow service for your car, van, or SUV after it has run out of gas in some area that is not close to a service station then tow services may be able to transport your vehicle back home or at least tow it somewhere where you can refill its tank with gasoline.

Tow trucks will come equipped with a variety of tools and equipment including chains and straps which help them get a good grip on vehicles so they can haul them away safely if needed. Towing companies understand how frustrating being stranded without fuel can be since many of their customers have been there before!

Many cars today have warning lights that tell us when we’re running low on fuel but sometimes these warnings go unnoticed until the vehicle is completely out of gas. To avoid being stranded and having tow services come to the rescue, it’s best to always keep your tank at least half full which will help you prevent this situation from happening. If for some reason a car does run out of gas though tow truck drivers are here to help!

3. A tire is flat and needs to be changed

One of the most common reasons that tow truck drivers are called to help out is because of a flat tire. Whether itโ€™s from running over something or an actual puncture in the tire when you have a flat it needs to be changed fast so you can get on your way again.

A tow driver will come and take care of this for you by replacing the old with a new one and getting everything back up and rolling again.

This happens more often than many people may think, but fortunately, there are ways around having to deal with the inconvenience if it ever comes about for yourself:

Whenever possible try not to drive on tires that need repairing or replacement as soon as they arrive at needing service โ€“ like nails sticking through them causing holes – If you get a tire punctured, stop as soon as safely possible and change it then.

4. The battery died or the car won’t start

Another common tow truck need is a dead battery. No matter how careful you are with your car, something can always go wrong and the battery will die. It could be that it just needed to charge or maybe there was an electrical malfunction; either way, once this happens tow drivers get called out to ensure every part of the vehicle gets put back into place again so things like power locks and windows work properly as well. This service ensures nothing else goes wrong in addition to getting someone where they need to go safely – whether they have their own set of wheels or not- without causing them any more inconvenience than necessary during the process by doing everything for them instead of leaving it up to themselves due to being at that time because of what happened.

5. You need a tow truck for an emergency 

If you, god forbid, had an emergency, you would like to have tow truck service as soon as possible. You should call a tow truck company at the first sign of an emergency, such as if you’re stranded on the side of the road.

If that’s not immediately available or won’t show up for another hour or more, then your vehicle will be towed by police and taken to their impound yard until someone can retrieve it from there. Even though this kind of situation is very inconvenient (and incredibly expensive), hopefully, you’ll never find yourself in a dire predicament where you need tow truck services!

6 . Your car hit something and got damaged, but it’s drivable

There may be a time when you’re on the road and your car hits something, but it’s still drivable. Maybe you hit an object in the road that dented your bumper or maybe someone pulled out right in front of you causing minor damage to both cars. Even though this happens, tow truck drivers often do not go through insurance claims for these types of incidents because they are considered low-priority accidents. If there is noticeable damage and it cannot be driven safely due to loss of control, then tow truck companies would make exceptions such as changing the priority status so tow trucks can come to pick up your vehicle at no cost to themselves!

7. You’re having mechanical problems with your vehicle

When you have a broken down vehicle, it’s important that you seek out assistance as quickly as possible. If the tow truck is available for immediate dispatch and arrives at your location within 15 minutes of receiving the call then consider yourself lucky! If you live in New York, for instance, you can just type ‘tow truck in the Bronx‘ in your search engine to get some help. Unfortunately, this isn’t always going to be the case so when you do call for one make sure they are going to get there in time before canceling too soon after calling them out or asking someone else if they can come over instead (before confirming).

If the vehicle is in an emergency situation, contact a tow truck service or roadside assistance provider. You may want to consider investing in an AAA membership when you need help with your car on the go. To prevent issues like this from happening again, maintain proper tire pressure and battery maintenance. Be sure that gas levels are always at least half-full so you don’t run out of fuel unexpectedly!

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