There is nothing as good as coming home to a fresh, warm, and comfortable environment. The relaxation in that condition is more than what you may get through a therapy session.

There are many ways you can add a welcoming environment to your home. Some techniques need little investment, while others can be achieved through a simple budget.

If you enjoy gardening, this might be the right time to improve the quality of life in the house while enjoying your hobby. Adding plants to your home brings in some fresh air while also adding beauty.

In this case, succulent plants do well when it comes to beautifying your home. They need little or no maintenance. So, if you are the kind of guy that is likely to forget a simple task, such as watering, this is it.

Here, we shall continue to highlight the top seven of the many succulent types you can consider for your indoor.

1. Aloe Vera

Since the old era, aloe vera has been known for its medicinal benefits. Often, its sap is used to treat wounds and sunburn.

However, did you know that the same plant can be used to beautify your home? Yes, you can consider adding it to your indoor garden.

The plant needs sufficient sunlight, so you should consider placing it somewhere to get sunlight for a couple of hours. Its sharp thorns along the margins can be risky. Therefore, you should put it where it can’t be accidentally brushed or hurt your kids or pets.

2. Crown of Thorns

Native to Madagascar, Euphoria milli is one indoor plant that you should consider adding. This plant doesn’t ask for much care. As long as you give it enough light, it will bloom throughout the year.

The plant has tiny flowers, but the yellow, red, or salmon bracts surrounding the flowers make it extra impressive. As stated at, it’s essential to know how to propagate your garden. When done well, succulent plants are a great addition to your collection. This plant needs moderate watering, and within no time, it can turn into a great beauty.

3. String of bananas

If you are out there and looking for unique indoor plants that will draw the attention of your visitors, you should give this succulent type a trial. Known for its banana-like leaves, this plant can improve your home.

The plant looks great when planted alone. It will help if you give it some little attention, and this means pruning it regularly. This allows it to grow thick and full. The succulent plant does well in filtered sunlight.

It’s toxic, so you should place it far from the reach of pets and children.

4. Ponytail Palm

When adding plants to your home, we all want something unique and that your visitors can notice from a distance. Beaucarnea takes the lead on this.

The plant remains one of the largest houseplants that you can ever find in the market. It thrives well when placed in a sunny spot. Also, it can do well when placed all day long in bright indirect sunlight.

If you are looking for something that won’t need much watering, this is it. The plant is known to store its water in its swollen stem base that many people refer to as the elephant’s foot.

5. Snake Plant

If you are the kind of person who is rarely at home, you need something that can survive even months without assistance. When it comes to survival, many plant experts refer to the snake plant as indestructible.

This specific plant can run for weeks or even months without any light or water and still maintain its appealing look. Its thick, stiff, and pointed leaves grow straight up and can reach up to three feet. Often, the plant may have some patterned markings, and that’s where its name is derived. 

Over time, the plant will multiply into a thick clump filling the whole pot. While the plant can still thrive without sunlight, some little light can’t harm it. Also, a little water can help it grow better.

6. African Milk Tree

While this plant is capable of growing up to nine feet, it isn’t a tree. When used as a houseplant, you can expect it to grow up to three feet, producing upright, triangular, branched stems lined with short and sharp thorns.

The tips of its stems usually have small leaves with a reddish touch that makes them extra impressive. The plant grows well in plenty of light and evenly moist soil.

The plant produces milky, sticky sap that can irritate your skin if not washed off.

7. Jade Plant

This plant is native to South Africa and is known for its thick stems and glossy green leaves. The plant thrives well in bright sunlight and on dry soil.

Note: Be careful. Overwatering kills it

Bringing your garden indoors is one way to improve your home’s beauty. Besides, the move helps clean your indoor air, which is good for your health. If you are looking for ideas on the types of plants you should consider, this blog highlights the top succulent plants you should add to your list. By reading, you will also have an idea about the plant requirements and care tips. Happy gardening!

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