You are bored, tired, and nothing seems to breathe life back into you. It is time for a new game to have you refreshed with fun. But with thousands of games out there to choose from, you are probably wondering where to start from, not to mention that new ones are being released every day. And if that is not enough, it can be even trickier if you don’t have much to spend.

Don’t worry, though, because we have scoured the online gaming world and compiled relatively new and exciting games to play when you are bored. Read on to find out a favorite and check it out.

Text Twist

Text Twist is a word scramble game produced by GameHouse. The game tests one’s mental and grammar skills. Primarily, the gameplay requires that the player makes as many words as they possibly can from a set of letters provided to them. And to qualify for the next level, one has to make a maximum amount of English words in a limited time of 2 minutes per level.

For every level, there is a set of words to be found, and given the limited time, players would have to put a lot of strain on their literacy skills to put together the set of words. and whether you want to play the game and stretch your vocabulary base or want to dominate the game, Word Unscrambler tools exist to help you unscramble words from a seemingly impossible set of letters. The game also offers an untimed version to help starters practice. And at its core, the game is akin to anagrams that require the object to rearrange letters and form words.

Graveyard Keeper

This is a graveyard-themed role-playing simulation video game developed by Lazy Bear Games studios in 2018. In the gameplay, players take the role of a person involved in a hit-and-run car accident, only to awake and find they are in an unfamiliar medieval fantasy setting. In these settings, the player is tasked to take care of the church and the local cemetery nearby.

The graveyard keeper later finds out that he has to go back to his homeland and reunite with his lover and family. But before that, the keeper has to interact with the locals in all their community’s social functions. Eventually, the keeper discovers that there is a portal that can offer a way out back home, although it needs special magic items to work.

At the start of this afterlife-fantasy gameplay, the graveyard keeper starts by being awarded a plot of land by senior figures that includes a small graveyard previously owned by his predecessors. Before the player starts his operation, he must make sure that the rock boulders, stumps, and trees scattered all over the plot are cleared from the cemetery. Overall, the player’s ultimate goal is to find a way to use the portal to his original world.


Developed by Blizzard, Overwatch offers a quality gaming experience regardless of the number of hours you will be glued to your computer. It is a first-person real-time competitive shooter game with an ancient background story, gameplay aesthetics, and overall fun.

It features several heroes that you can choose from. Every hero has special abilities, strengths, and weaknesses that they can use to their advantage or exploit while on the battlefront. The latest version of Overwatch has more heroes, special events, and more cosmetic upgrades.


This is an Indie space exploration and construction management video game simulator that Ludeon Studios developed in Montreal, Canada. The gameplay of RimWorld features a similar core play, but every player can choose a scenery from a variety. The gameplay characters (pawns) start the game while stranded in the frontiers of a space location called RimWorld.

Every character has unique skills and traits that a player can harness to contribute to the colony’s strengths. Pawns that wander from the colony to other factions can be captured or killed through a raid. But the objective of the game is to work together as one colony to make sure that all crew members survive.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builder 2 is a role-playing action-adventure and sandbox video game developed by Square Enix. It was developed as a sub-series of the original sandbox creation games, and it was released as a successor to the Dragon Quest Builders.

The gameplay features players with the ability to find and extract materials that they can use to construct or build equipment. This is a game you can play with friends because it allows up to four players to play together online and on the Switch version.

In the gameplay, the key focus is to build and construct. The goal in each chapter is to rebuild the central town, and by doing so, the player rings the bell to increase the town’s Base Level (strengths). A city with a higher base level does automatically attracts more people and tools, items, and construction materials.

Tomb Raider

You have probably played this game before, and you think that it is too old. Well, that’s incorrect. The first modern version of the series came out in 2013. But since then, the developers have refreshed the franchise. In the gameplay, the concept of the game remains the same, but the 3D graphics and other aesthetics make its execution quite grand. The player fights for survival in the mysterious fantasy environment full of dead people and beasts scattered all over. And to progress in the game, the puzzles have become even more challenging as you try to uncover clues hidden in the mystery.

Red Dead Redemption

The Red Dead Redemption 2 is the latest and most refreshed version. It is an open-world video game developed by Rockstar Studios. The game features a fantastic west-side background story, social commentary, saloons, and fun quest through the open world.

Bored and looking to jumpstart your day, do not miss the thrill of these games. Some are free, while others are cheap and easy to get into. The best part is that regardless of which one you choose, their plots would blow you away.

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