Have you been a follower of the Call of Duty series ever since its inception? Maybe you remember playing the first Black Ops games, and have fond memories of doing things like killing zombies, and other fun in game activities. One of the newest inceptions of the Call of Duty series is Black Ops Cold War, which is a fine addition to the franchise. If you have never really got the hang of FPS games (first person shooter), then you might need some help getting started. Even if you are an experienced gamer, there are always new details about games which can help you to find the best and most effective way to play the game. This article will seek to outline a few essential tips which will help you to win more Black Ops Cold War games. The process to getting the top KD amongst your friends, or getting all your achievements is more attainable than you think. All you need is the right information, and the knowledge of what to do with it.


If you want to be successful at any team based FPS game, then you are going to have to actually work as a team in order to get results. By grouping up, dividing up tasks, and supporting one another, you will find that your success rates drastically increase while playing Call of Duty. Just like in real life battle, you need to be able to trust and depend on your teammates if you want to always be successful.

Look sensitivity

One thing that many people fail to do when first setting up their console, or computer, is to readjust and optimize the look sensitivity settings. BY learning to play with your look sensitivity on a high setting, then you will never be too slow getting your crosshairs to the right spot. Some people prefer to play on lower settings, but if you get good with high settings, then you will have a distinct advantage.

External help

Some video games can become incredibly frustrating if you cannot beat a certain part, or you are getting frustrated with the metagame. Many people who love playing video games like to develop independent, third party solutions to common issues which are encountered in video games. Experts recommend using online resources to find COD Black Ops Cold War hacks which can help to improve your game, or just get you through the current level you are stuck on. There is no need to stop playing an otherwise amazing game just because you are stuck on a single level. Use external help to aid you in getting through the game, so that you can enjoy it in its entirety.

Memorize maps

Another tricky part of adjusting to a new game is figuring out the maps. The sooner you memorize the maps, the easier it will be to navigate to places mentioned by your teammates, or common choke spots in a map.


If you want to be able to get the upper hand on your enemy, then you need to have a set out plan in order to effectively assure that you will be successful. This could be something like picking a set building to meet at, or a certain side of the map to focus on.


If you want to be a truly great Call of Duty player, then you will need to begin to build a skillset that other players will find useful when playing on a team with you. Many players like to pick a certain thing to specialize in. An example could be specializing in sniping. This means that all upgrades, loadout options, and other variables will be optimized for someone trying to be a sniper.

Slow Down

Sometimes you can get in a rut while playing a video game, and it seems that you just keep dying over and over without ever making any headway or progress. If you are in this position, just remember to slow down, and collect yourself. This will help you to regain focus and perform better.

Hopefully this article has been helpful and informative regarding the different essential tips which can help you to win more games in Black Ops Cold War. Playing video games is always a luxurious and enjoyable experience, but no one can deny that it is more enjoyable when you are on the winning side of the game. Winning more games on average is actually quite easy, if you know the right things to do, and have the skills to pull it off, then your kill to death ratio will be higher than it’s ever been. Donโ€™t deny yourself the opportunity to succeed at something you love. 

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