There is a feeling of uniqueness in every individual. This also comes with an urge to make everything around us look special and different from the usual.

However, things might not go the way you want it due to high expenses of decor items. But that’s now a cause for worry.

In this article, you’ll learn about some proven yet affordable ideas that can turn your space into a paradise. By the way, don’t forget to explore your favorite decor sets at discount with Ashley Furniture Promo code from

1. Try Extra Wide Windows

With a large window, you can easily get a panoramic view of your environment and several other interesting sights.

Asides that, big windows allows for widespread diffusion of light. There’s no better way to light up your room and give it an outdoor-like look.

2. Use Wallpapers

Wallpapers are slowly coming back alive. With some structured patterns and colours, you can give your walls a new look while also adding depth and style.

Let’s say you’re an Aquaman lover. Try adding a wallpaper that contains some reflective scene of ocean and dolphins This gives you the same feeling you get when you’re on the beach right in your room.

3. Make Your Ceiling A Center Of Attraction

House ceilings are often neglected when it comes to interior decorations. Note that it has great potential to turn your room into a wonder.

There are many ways you can make your ceiling draw the attention of others. This includes the use of a chandelier at the center of your ceiling or placing a ceiling fan at the center.

You can also paste some intriguing wallpaper or paintings round the chandelier.

4. Make It Natural With Plants

Plants have their way of making everything look natural. With a touch of green here and there, you can spice up your space. If you love the Amazonian look, then add some realistic flower jugs around the windows.

You can also opt in for artificial plants in case you’re allergic to quite a lot of things. Your footmats and rugs could feature some leafy greens.

Other than the aesthetic beauty, plants like Eucalyptus have a relaxing fragrance that can add to the uniqueness of your house.

5. Hang Some Wall Pictures Around

Photos play an awesome role in bringing back old memories. Having your pictures hanged in places you spend more time, like kitchen, sitting room e.t.c, gives you time to reminisce on old memories.

Asides that, you can frame some of your most beautiful moments, with family or friends and place them in your bedroom.

On a good note, artworks can replicate that museum-look if used properly. Try hanging one or two around.

6. Use Bright Colours

Bright colour is highly advisable for use in homes for brightening your mood. They can make you feel energized and lively beyond doubt.


So that’s it! Turning your home into something unique takes nothing more than a little bit of effort. Add some evergreen leaf mugs on your windows, and don’t forget to place a few wallpapers around.

If you’re the enthusiastic type, add some bright colors. That said, hit your favorite and get your decor sets at discount with the Ashley Furniture Promo code.

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