You have been playing Scrabble and never seem to get a lead. Every time, you end up on the losing end, even demotivating you to go on. Scrabble is a splendid game to boost your artificial intelligence, which further improves your vocabulary and even mental interactions. If you desire to turn around your outcome and get wins, the guide below will highlight six moves that you should always consider during the game.

1- Think of the Target Areas

One great way to maximize your winning potential is to identify the key areas, also known as the bonus squares in your rack. The objective is to time it properly and to use it as many times as you can. Therefore, anytime you pause to make a move, always consider the target area, which can double your points instantly. As a result, winning the game becomes easier for you.

For such points, it integrates two significant aspects. Typically, you will double your points in instances where you make a double word or letter score. On the other hand, you can also triple your points if you make a triple word or letter score.

2- Go Big, Go Bingo

When you think of bingo, a win should instantly come to your mind. When you have a seven letter word which you can construct with one try using the available letters, please go ahead. With such a strategic move, you will gain 50 points, which will give you a significant lead over your opponent. If possible, go big on the word creation with the power letters.

3- The Opening and Closing is Everything

As the common saying, the end will indeed justify the means. In Scrabble, even the start will do. Ideally, it is advisable to implement a strategy which will help you make your entry attack conveniently. You also need to time and close it carefully as well.

When the Scrabble board is open, you have numerous options to score using high scoring letters, which will increase your points. However, in such an instance, your opponent can see the spaces as well. When you feel it is becoming inconvenient for you, it will be best to close the board at that moment. Playing a little selfish is not so bad, after all.

4- The Ultimate Word Finder

Sometimes, you may reach a point where you have a mental block. It may become hard to predict possible word scenarios even when you are so good at the game. If you are at that point, using a reliable site to give you a competitive edge over your friends is appealing.

Additionally, its convenience of use is impeccable. With a platform like blog, it is easier to create words with the letters remaining in your rack. All it takes is to fill in the letters and get your result instantly.

Plus, you can also use it when playing crossword puzzles when you have complex combinations that you can’t possibly identify the word.

5- Your End Game Strategies

Another effective strategy to implement is the closing of the game. Therefore, if you notice an opportunity to use letters to make words with numerous consonants, go for it. Sometimes, you may feel the need to hold onto it, awaiting the perfect moment to make a move. In some instances, you may lose out on it altogether. Therefore, if you can use your letter tiles to make consonant words, make it instantly.

Nevertheless, always ensure that you will not give your opponent an opening to beat you by doing so. You can also implement defensive tactics if you are having a hard time making the right moves. In such an instance, you aim to eliminate every possible opportunity that your opponent can use to win against you. Typically, in such a scenario, maximize the use of your two-letter words to fill the empty spaces, especially where there are double or triple letter and word score opportunities.

6- Think Along Power Lines Too

If you want a significant boost when playing Scrabble, it is advisable to identify your letters’ value when constructing words. Typically, you will earn 10 points every time you use the letter G, J, and even X. You will also gain a whopping eight points every time you use the letter X when filling the tiles. With proper use of such letters, you can be sure you are on your way to a straight win.

With the above moves, you will no longer fear holding back in making a move during the game. Plus, think of increasing your winnings moments, thus improving your confidence and love for the game.

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