When you need extra space in your home, your garage may be the best alternative. A garage is the least unused rooms since they mostly only serve as parking space or storage room. Converting your garage into a bedroom will provide additional space for a family member or tenant. However, this conversion is not easy. You need more than just emptying it and adding furniture. You will need to make renovations to make it a more comfortable livable space. Here are some tips you can follow when converting your garage into a bedroom:

1) Hire a Professional Building Firm

With the right contractor, your garage conversion plan will most definitely be a success. There are building codes that should be followed, which you may not be aware of. They know some technical things in this line of work and have experience from routinely working with other homeowners. For people living in Texas, look for credible design-build firms in Houston. Your garage transformation will be much smoother. A company like Rise Construction is a well-established construction firm in Texas, with over 15 years of service delivery. Their staff members are also well trained.

2) Know The Areaโ€™s Zoning Ordinances

Zoning ordinances are set laws that guide how homeowners are supposed to use their property. They are set up to prevent changes in the area that can affect their outlook. In this case, they can permit or restrict outdoor parking. Since your turning your garage into a bedroom, you will have to park your cars outside. Before this conversion, make sure you research if this is allowed in your area then go ahead.

3) Pick the Design You Like

A smaller garage space can fit a bed. You can use storage shelves. If the garage space is large enough, for instance, a double garage, then you have space to set up a bed, wardrobe, dressing table, and even a couch. Consult an interior designer on the best styles you can use to transform it into a perfect bedroom.

4) Work On the Insulation and Waterproofing

If you do not work on the roomโ€™s insulation, the occupant may suffer during those extreme weather conditions when it is excessively hot or cold. You should cover the cold floor and insulate the walls. If it does not have a ceiling, include one. Do not forget to raise the floor if it is too low. If it lets in water, seal any open points.

5) Include Windows and Power

Most garages are properly lit since homeowners spent less time in their garages. You may need to take down a part of the wall to create windows for proper lighting and ventilation of the room. Also, look for an electrician to set up power switches, sockets, heating, and cooling units.

6) Begin and End the Renovation on Time

Building permits for renovations have time limits of about six months from the date you get it. You will be fined if you fail to complete this conversion project in the allocated time. Also, if you do not start this project in the allocated time frame, you will have to take another permit. Before you begin converting your garage into a bedroom, make sure that you have a plan and that all the materials needed are in place.

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