The city of Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and is home to many different sites perfect for tourists to experience the vibrant culture and architecture. There are churches and museums within the town and even castles on the outskirts of the city that provide a unique backdrop to explore. Before you start your Slovakian adventure, here are a few interesting facts to consider when traveling to Bratislava that could have an impact on your travels.

Not Everyone Speaks English

Although it is common to understand that when you are in a foreign country and traveling that not everyone will speak your language. However, it still comes as a surprise to many tourists when they cannot communicate with the locals, although many people in Slovakia and Bratislava will speak English, as well as German, this is more common with the younger generations and not always a certainty with everyone. Be sure to keep a dictionary or friend nearby that can translate for you.

Everything Is Closeby And There Is Plenty To Explore

There are so many sights and experiences in Bratislava to take in, it can be intimidating to plan out and follow your itinerary. Your locals at will be more than helpful in guiding you throughout your stay and get you where you need to go. There are plenty of sights to take in within the city limits, and you donโ€™t need a car to reach them all, as it is smart to keep in mind with parking fees being easy to rack up. In fact, many walking tours get you to where you might be interested as well. Also, keep in mind that your experience in Slovakia is not and should not be limited to Bratislava. There are plenty of other cities and towns to explore, and you should absolutely do so.

A Bridge Was Almost Named After Chuck Norris

In 2012, a survey or poll was taken to consider names for a bridge that connected from Austria to Bratislava. The result of the votes within the survey resulted in the name, the Chuck Norris bridge, being the favorite and leading vote-getter. Officials were not particularly happy with this decision and came to decide upon the now official name, the Freedom Cycling bridge, which ties in with its history when many people fled the Austrian city and communist European rule. Although the name is not official, it will always be known as the bridge that was almost named after American action hero Chuck Norris.

Parties In Unusual Places

For tourists that enjoy clubs and parties, there are plenty of opportunities to experience the nightlife as well in Bratislava. Within the city, there are many bars and clubs, but be sure to connect with the locals in the areas to find out some unique and different locations to party. Whether youโ€™re having a drink in a pub that was once a public toilet, going to a concert in a department store, or partying in a building that is shaped like a pyramid, Bratislava provides a different and fun twist to your usual activities.

Thereโ€™s A Forest In The Center Of The City

If you are looking to experience some outdoor activities and wanting to do a bit of hiking, you donโ€™t even have to leave the city to do so. There is a forest in the middle of the city of Bratislava that holds many paths for you to explore. This green getaway provides a quiet space separate from the rest of the city that allows you to get a little quiet and active time from your travels, perfect for more active and adventure-seeking tourists.

Thereโ€™s No Shopping On Holidays

If you are planning a trip to Bratislava, keep in mind the time and schedule of your trip. Certain dates that include national and religious holidays are restricted when it comes to doing any shopping, as the majority of the places and businesses will be closed. This is important as it will be difficult to find places to eat, as well as do any shopping. Even if you are trying to be spontaneous, be sure to consult your calendar when traveling within the city and country.

Bratislava is a city that is ideal for all types of travelers and tourists. From those that want to explore a city, walking around the town and appreciating the culture in these old houses, as well as taking in the natural and historical surroundings, to those more modern travelers that wish to partake in the nightlife and adult adventures, there is something for everyone. It is best to do a bit of research to figure out what suits your interests and how to build your itinerary.

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