There are times in life when the law can come in very handy. Having a basic understanding of the law will allow you to protect yourself against tyranny and unfair treatment. In this article, we will outline six professional useful legal tips that are guaranteed to make your life much easier:

Don’t Admit Liability

After accidents, people quite commonly admit fault or liability when they were not actually to blame. It’s human nature to want to apologize after an accident. However, if other people involved in the accident are recording you admitting fault, then they can use this against you in court. This evidence can ultimately lead to you having to pay compensation.

If you’re involved in an accident in Gold Coast or have been accused of causing one, then it’s important that you speak to a lawyer immediately. You should find a reliable lawyer from a Gold Coast law firm who will listen, help, and offer sensible advice regarding your accident or claim. Only discuss the accident when your lawyer is present to avoid incriminating yourself.

A judge is the only person who can determine fault in an accident. Even if it seems at first glance that you were the accident’s cause, this might not necessarily be the case. There’s a multitude of things that need to be examined before fault can be established.

Create a Will

No matter how old you are, you need an estate plan, trust, or will. Life can be taken away very quickly. If you do not have any of these things set up, then your family might not benefit from your estate. You don’t need to have a lot of assets to write a will. Your will should include guardianship of children, the distribution of your finances and estate, and the care of your pets.

It’s not uncommon for people to make promises to their family and friends about who will inherit their estate. Without a will, your friends and family might have to go to court to argue for their share. When a court is involved, your family and friends will have to pay costs (which can be very high). By writing a will, you save your loved ones the stress of having to argue for their inheritance.

Take Information

If you have been involved in an accident, then it’s very important that you take down the information of the other people who are involved. This could prove incredibly beneficial later down the line if legal action is taken. You will also need to take the other person’s insurance information.

If people are reluctant to give you their information, try to take photographs of them or video them. It’s not uncommon for people to withhold their information or lie about who they are to avoid being held responsible for accidents.

Read Contracts

It’s very important that you read contracts before you sign them. This should be common knowledge, but unfortunately, people regularly blindly sign contracts. Even if you think you know what’s contained within a contract, you can’t be sure until you have read it.

Once you have signed a contract, you enter into a legally binding contractual relationship with the other party. This means that you will be legally bound to adhere to the contract’s demands, even if you disagree with them. Read every single portion of a contract so that you can avoid this!

Get Agreements in Writing

It’s important that you always get agreements in writing. If you do not and you rely on people’s words, you can find yourself in legal trouble. All agreements that you make should be in writing so that you can prove you had an agreement. For example, if you agree to rent a property, you need a tenancy agreement in writing. This is to stop the other party from denying that you had an agreement and evicting you.

If you’re relying on verbal contracts, then you should take audio records and video recordings, when possible, to verify your agreements.

Employment Rights

Many people overlook their employment rights. As an employee, you have a right not to be harassed or discriminated against, treated less favorably because of race, color, sex, or religion, national origin, disability, or age. Unfortunately, these things happen quite regularly all throughout the world.

If you feel that you have been mistreated at work, it’s important that you take legal action against the person responsible. You also have a right to be safe at work. If your employer is taking shortcuts and cutting corners, then you must report them, and if injured, file a personal injury claim.

The law protects you and your rights. It’s important that you know certain aspects of the law so that you can enforce your rights when the time comes.

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