Have you or someone you know recently been seriously injured, which has resulted in a change of lifestyle while you try to recover and rehabilitate? Maybe you hurt your foot or leg pretty bad, and now you are not able to do your favorite things, such as sports, hiking, or other activities that require mobility? Perhaps you are someone who is energetic, and you are having trouble adapting to a slower pace of life? If you are not used to sitting on a couch or at your computer for hours at a time, then it can be tricky to find ways to keep yourself entertained and occupied.

This article will seek to discuss a few practical activities that will keep you occupied and entertained as you recover from an injury. There is no reason to be bored and inactive just because you are injured.

Board Games

An extremely fun activity that you can do at home while injured and still have a great time is playing board games! There is basically an endless supply of variety when it comes to board games, and you should have no problem finding one that you love. Some popular board games on the market right now include Settlers of Catan, Dominion, and the timeless classic, Monopoly. Check out the online version of some of these board games, which are both free and require much less setup time.


A great way to pass the time when stuck at home due to an injury is to try out some new puzzles. This does not have to be limited to conventional jigsaw puzzles. Try out other types of puzzles, such as crosswords, sudoku, chess, and other brain training exercises. By taking time every day to do a mental โ€˜workoutโ€™ with these activities, then you will notice a substantial improvement in your performance and general mental acuity.


If you are the studious type or have something which you need to do some work on, then being stuck home due to an injury can be a great opportunity to dig into whatever interests you. There are thousands of topics to research, so make sure to choose something which is interesting or relevant to you. You could use this time to research ways to speed up your injury recovery time, or even look into getting compensated for your injury. Experts at USA-Law.org talk about how you can get compensated for expenses such as medical bills, loss of work, and others after being part of an accident that resulted in a long term injury. Since you will be stuck at home anyway, you might as well do something productive and helpful to your immediate situation. Get on your computer and start researching!

Video Games

One of the fastest-growing communities and industries in the world right now is the online gaming community. Video games have been around for a long time now, but we have never in history seen so many people using them as their primary form of entertainment. There are even full-time Twitch streamers who get paid thousands of dollars just to stream themselves playing video games! If you would have told someone in the 1990s or 80s that this would happen, they would probably laugh at you. There have been online events and championships which are now shown on TV and regularly bring in as many viewers as conventional sports broadcasting.


An excellent activity to help pass time, and also to get your brain working a little quicker is to read. Reading can be both an entertaining pastime, as well as an effective way to educate yourself about any topic. With new technologies such as tablets and e-readers, you can now carry hundreds of books around with you on a single device.

After reading this article, the hope is that you have found a few practical activities that will help keep you occupied and entertained as you recover from an injury. There are still many great ways to communicate with your friends and family, even if you are unable to see them in person. Many people have had to adapt to this reality during the covid-19 pandemic. Many of the strategies which you rely on to communicate and enjoy your time with friends during the pandemic can also be useful while injured.

Playing games with friends online, video chatting, and other online activities can be a great way to keep busy while stuck at home due to an injury. This list is by no means comprehensive, so be sure to be creative with your ideas, and search online to find some new ones!

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