Studying in the same way sometimes sucks the mind. Whether you are preparing for a certification exam or a competitive exam to fetch a job, several myths can waste your time or affect the exam grades. Some of these misconceptions are perpetuated by the marketing gimmicks, while others revolve around the old beliefs. Whatever their origin is, they can mislead your path!

Here, we have debunked six most common misconceptions about exam preparation so that you can implement successful strategies-

The More The Material, The Better It Is

It’s one of the most prevalent myths regarding exam preparation. However, it’s not a lot of materials that you need to qualify for an exam. All you need is the right way to learn and practice! For most students, it usually means a textbook and practice papers from last year. 

And, there is no denying that these materials aid your preparation. But, the number of pages or hours of videos is useless if the material is irrelevant or incomplete. So, focus on the quality of the material you are reading rather than the quantity.

Review Comparison Sites Are Always Unbiased

You can find several websites that claim to offer unbiased, honest reviews of the different service providers. Well, what’s not so well known is that most of these sites are paid commissions from the material providers, which means that the reviews are not objective. 

Besides the undisclosed financial relation, these sites feed incorrect or outdated information. They write reviews, and it sits online unchanged for 2-3 years. Instead of relying on the reviews of the comparison sites, it’s better to have a word with the service providers to get updated information. 

Attending A Class Is Mandatory

Today, attending coaching classes has become a ritual for every student. It’s not uncommon to see the students running here and there, spending hours sitting in a classroom. Many of the aspirants even relocate to different cities in search of quality guidance. However, clearing any competitive exam is all about strategy and approach!

Further, leaving home and settling to a new city is a great deal of financial burden, and isn’t meant for everyone. Nothing feels as comfortable as home. You can ace your strategy through online exam preparation while sitting in the comfort of your house. From postal to online courses, there are several convenient and more economical options available for you.

You’ll Do Better If You Stay Up A Night Before The Exam

Many of the students say that they study better under pressure in the last minutes. However, such types of arguments are made by those who take studies granted and haven’t learned to be disciplined. Also, students fail to understand that it’s not just the content that matters. The competitive exams also test them on their test-taking skills. Thus, waking a night before the exam won’t work. Instead, it will affect your health.

Personal Counselors Are Prerequisites

It sounds good to have a personal counselor in order to frame a strong study plan. But, it adds only a limited value to your studies. Only you are able to determine which areas to focus on. For example, if you have 95% for a topic, you know it very well. If you have just 48% for another topic, you need to pull your socks up and keep studying. Though the counselor can help keep you motivated for a week or two, a good study plan is what keeps you on track. 

So, it’s not always wise to rely on a study plan framed by someone else as they know nothing about your preparedness, understanding, or confidence level. 

You Don’t Need To Make Any Notes

If you use social media study groups, you might have come across someone posting a week before the exam that they need suggestions on how to revise. They just read the textbooks and highlight the important sections. Well, highlighting in the textbooks does nothing valuable except allowing you to do some stationery shopping trip!

Taking notes helps you pay closer attention to what you listen to or read. As you need to understand the text before writing it in your own words, it helps you concentrate. Some prefer to write short notes and summarize the key points only. And, some find value in writing long notes to find the relevant information at the revision time. Some write notes by hands while others use the computer. Find the best method for you. 

Though cracking any competitive exam has become a bit tough today. But, a well-planned strategy and accurate knowledge will make the path easier for you. Don’t let these myths stagnate your exam preparation; staying motivated and practicing consistently will manifold the chances of bagging your dream job.

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