Containers, tumblers, and travel cups are essential tools for people who frequently travel. They need one to stay hydrated and intake their daily dose of coffee to stay energized. If you are one of them and havenโ€™t bought a container yet, it is time to get one that lasts long and keeps your beverages fresh. Surprisingly, not many pay attention to the tumbler or travel mugs they buy, majorly because they arenโ€™t serious about the type of beverage they drink. However, if you need your coffee at a particular temperature and cannot gulp down water if it is warm, you must consider these 6 important factors when choosing tumblers to make an informed decision.

1. Material

The first and most important thing you need to know is the different types of materials used to make drinking containers. Stainless steel tumblers are the most popular as they provide insulation and keep your drinks warm or chilled as per your preference. For a personalized touch, you can order Polar Camel tumblers online with custom engravings, making them not only functional but also unique to your style. They are a great option for gifts or promotional items, allowing you to add a personal or branding element to your beverage containers. Plastic containers are cheaper but can ruin the beverageโ€™s taste and quality. Unlike stainless steel tumblers, the plastic ones do not get dents on their surface. Glass containers are another popular choice among individuals but are prone to damage. The type of material you choose is important as it determines the durability of the overall design.

2. Insulation

Another important factor is insulation. As mentioned, if you need your beverages to be extremely hot or cold, you must get a tumbler with a โ€˜double wallโ€™ insulation construction. Note that this feature is only useful for those who spend a lot of time outdoors and have no access to hot or cold drinks. Since insulated containers are expensive, they can increase your budget by a wide margin. To keep your beverages hot or cold for a longer period, let the container come down to room temperature before pouring the drink in. Seal it tightly as soon as you are done pouring to avoid air from getting in.

3. Usage and Capacity

Next, you should categorize the flask types based on your usage. How much water do you drink every day? Do you travel often? What are your beverage preferences? Questions like these will assist in sorting out your options. You can narrow down your options based on the type of beverage you drink. As suggested by the shopping enthusiasts at, pick a stainless steel container to keep your drinks icy cold up to 24 hours straight when you are traveling in summer. Furthermore, if you drink a lot of water, you will need a bigger tumbler with at least 32 oz capacity. Consider your daily habits and lifestyle when choosing a model.

4. Portability

If you are constantly on the go, you should study the portability factor of tumblers as well. If you have a lot of weight to carry, stainless steel containers will simply add more weight and make your bag bulkier. For shorter car trips, you can pick a handy plastic container that fits in the cupholder as it will keep your drink from spilling. Pay specific attention to portability and maintenance if you are occupied. From small, 8-oz reusable cups to slim containers, you can find several designs that can be easily carried around with your luggage.

5. Design and Maintenance

Dig deeper and examine the design features of various tumblers. Are there any specific seals to keep your preferred container leak-proof? Is it easy to hold? Can you pour water into another container without spilling it? Analyze similar questions to study the design and build before picking one. Consider the maintenance factor too. If you are running busy, you may also not get enough time to wash or clean your tumblers on regular occasions. To combat this situation, invest in a container that requires low maintenance and can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

6. Price

While the factors mentioned above can help you pick an ideal tumbler for daily use, you may still not be able to afford it due to a restricted budget. To avoid this, find out the prices and look for a model that fits in your price range. Ideally, tumblers are categorized based on their construction, design, and material. If you need a high-quality container to keep your beverages at a certain temperature all day long, do not think twice before paying a higher price as you will get an excellent value in return.

Swap your single-use plastic cups with a reusable tumbler to reduce plastic usage and encourage a sustainable approach. With a durable and portable tumbler by your side, you no longer have to spend extra money on drinks or find convenience stores to grab a bottle of chilled water. Even though high-quality tumblers are a bit expensive, their performance and longevity make the money spent worthwhile.

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