To keep your RV running for a long time and keep its value, you must focus on its maintenance. This is a crucial aspect that you cannot choose to ignore. It is slightly more complicated to maintain than a regular car. This is because it has many systems. The systems may fail if you do not clean them regularly.

The cost of an RV is higher than what most people spend on their homes. Therefore, make sure that you maintain it properly and not spend a lot of money on repairs. If you get to a point where you have to do repairs, they will cost much less if you have maintained them adequately compared to having not cared for them.

You should learn the following maintenance tips to help you keep your RV in top shape for a long time.

1. Check The Tire Pressure

Before you embark on any trip in your RV, make sure you measure the tire pressure and tighten the wheels lug nuts. Doing this will ensure that you are not driving around with loose lug nuts. You can also check them after you have reached your destination if you are in a hurry the next time you are using the RV.

If the lug nuts are loose and you are driving, you could lose a wheel during the drive. If the tires are overinflated, they may explode and cause an accident or damage the RV. Underinflation causes resistance which affects your gas mileage. If the temperature decreases or increases, the tire pressure is likely to change. For instance, if your RV has been inactive during winter, the pressure in the tires will be below. This will cause the ride to be unsafe.

2. Check The Brakes

For everyone’s safety, check the brakes. During summer, they may become dry. To prevent this, make sure that you lubricate them at all times. You can have a mechanic check on them from time to time to ensure they remain in good condition. Check the brake lights to make sure they are working well. If they are not, replace them as soon as possible before going on the road. While you are at it, check the safety equipment to ensure that they are all working well.

3. Take Care of The Sewer System

You need to flush the system regularly so the buildup does not become too much and, therefore, difficult to handle. If the system becomes clogged, it may ruin the RV. Consider purchasing a new sewer hose if your current one is not in good shape. This will ensure that you avoid nasty accidents involving waste.

You also have to follow the correct dumping procedure. The proper technique involves emptying the black water tank first, followed by the grey water tank. This will flush out the hose. If your grey water tank has less water, consider showering or doing dishes to increase it. Even though the tanks hold the gross stuff, make sure they are clean.

4. Inspect the Roof Seals and Seams

Every three months, inspect the roof for any leaks. Water can leak into the RV through the openings in the roof’s edge, skylights, vents, or the air conditioning unit. In the beginning, the water will soak into the wood framework of the roof and then into the outer wood framework before getting to the ceiling panels. This will cause a lot of water damage.

If you notice any leaks, make sure to use sealants to patch the areas that have leaks. Make sure you choose a sealant that is compatible with the material on the roof. Consider covering the top of the RV or store it under steel RV carports.

5. Lubricate the Slide-out Rails

If the pop-outs become squeaky, your slide-out rails require some lubrication. If they stay for a long time without lubrication, corrosion and rust will occur. Apply lubrication at least once a year. If you use the RV often, lubricate many times. Remember that buying a lubricant is cheaper than buying new slide-outs.

6. Change The Oil

Once a year, ensure you change the oil in your RV. If you do not use the oil, it may cause massive damages to your engine. This damage would cost a lot of money to repair. In addition, you must understand that changing the oil in your RV is not the same as how you do it in a regular vehicle. This is because you do not use the RV as often as a standard vehicle.

An RV is an expensive investment. It would be wrong to spend more money on it for repairs or sell it at a lower amount because you did not take care of it properly. If you maintain it properly, you will get years of service from it.

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