Binge-watching during summers is peace at another level. Watching your favorite shows non-stop is so much soothing for the mind and body. You laugh and cry with your favorite characters. You can relate them with your real-life and they actually become a part of your life. You really get sad when the season ends. You even feel empty when the series ends and want to start a new one, before you get all sad that the last one ended.

But thanks to various platforms these days, there are millions of options available for you to binge-watch all summer. Binge-watching is really popular not only among the youth but also popular among the oldies, kids, and many college students who delegate their paperwork to companies like to have more spare time. The platforms have something for everyone. So, everyone is busy watching their favorite genre.

So, keeping in mind the long summers, we have curated the list of 6 best TV shows for you to watch. We hope you like them.

The Baby-Sitters Club

This series will be released in July on Netflix but has gained popularity already. It is based on a series of scholastic novels. It is going to be cute, emotional, and entertaining.

In this series a group of thirteen-year-old decide to become entrepreneurs. The maturity that they show at such an age is applaudable. But they have their innocence too. So, the mixture of maturity with innocence gives us the entertainment that we require.

People have already loved the trailer and we are sure the show will be a hit just like the novels were. So, make this the first one to binge watch and start your summers with.


Another popular series on amazon prime. Season 1 of this series gained immense popularity. People are eagerly waiting for season 2, which will be aired this summer. So, if you have not yet watched season 1, you know what to do. If you can’t watch Amazon prime visit this guide to change your Prime location to access.

The story revolves around the protagonist โ€˜Hannaโ€™. Her DNA was โ€˜enhancedโ€™ by the government as an experiment. But then there are twists and turns and she is running from the government agent. It is thrilling to watch how the turn of events takes place. The steps Hanna takes to stay ahead of the government keeps you at the edge of your seat.


This Netflix original series is for the one who loves and dares to see horror series. The trailer is truly horrifying and people are waiting for it to be released in July. It is also said to be inspired by true events.

It is inspired by the famous horror movie โ€œThe Grudgeโ€. But this series focuses on what happened in the past, and how the hauntings actually began. It also focuses on what gruesome thing happened that led to the ghost being so atrocious even today. Be ready to watch some best horror series. We can sense that you are going to sleep with your lights turned on, post watching this one!


This series is all about conspiracies and politics, but served with a twist. Homecoming stars Julia Roberts and she is efficient as ever. Season 1 was loved and appreciated by one and all. So, binge- watch this one to see Julia Robertโ€™s brilliant acting.

The suspense lies in the character of โ€˜Heidiโ€™ played by Julia Roberts. The entire series runs in flashback. Heidi used to help many soldiers transit to normal life post-combat. But the suspense begins when the defense starts asking about the reason she left. Will she give out the conspiracies or was she the one who created them? Well you really need to watch the series to get all your answers.

Marvel Agents Of SHIELD

We are sure that all the marvel fans must have already binged watched this show and it’s totally worth it. The best part is that you do not have to be a hard-core marvel fan to watch this series. You could watch it for entertainment and appreciate the creativity in the show. Politics among the superheroes? Well thatโ€™s a rare thing, right? So, watch all the 7 seasons and we are sure you wonโ€™t want to leave your screens.

The series needs no introduction but still, it revolves around how superheroes deal with problems not ready to be faced by the normal people. There are moments that make you cry, laugh, and moments when you just get on-board with them.

Dead to Me

This popular series on Netflix is known for its dark comedy. Season 1 was a hit. Being in the comedy genre, still it builds some suspense around itself. So, it is a great binge watch. Once you start the first episode, there is no turning back. You will be glued till the end of the season. How faiths meet and how life is unpredictable, is predicted in the series. And finally, life is all about the decisions we take.

The series revolves around two widows who share bonding during therapy sessions. Their friendship deepens and they have a gala time. But the twist takes place when the audience realizes that one of the widows knows something about the death of the husband of her friend (the other widow). Now what impact will the truth make on them and their friendship, is the story to be watched. So put this on your list and let the secret reveal itself.

These are the series that we found interesting. But there is a plethora of series out there. Be it horror, comedy, rom-com, or suspense. You have to decide your favorite genre and start watching. But we are sure that you will really have a fun time watching the above-listed series. And you will wait impatiently for the other seasons to come soon. Some have all their seasons already telecasted, these are ones that you will feel why they ended, just like friends and big bang theory.

So, rest on the sofa, grab that pack of snacks and start binge-watching your favorite series. Thus, spending the summers leisurely, exactly like they should be spent.

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