Taking photographs of your fluffy friend whether it’s a cat, dog, or any animal for that matter, can be a great way to celebrate them and cherish their memory. There are many different ideas floating around on the internet for how to photograph your fluffy friend. There are so many in fact, that it can become disorientating looking through all of them. In this article, we have compiled six of the best and cutest ideas for photographing your fluffy friend:

Some Advice

Before we begin our list, it’s important to offer some advice on photographing your pet. If you don’t prepare your pet for a photoshoot, then they will likely be hard to control. If you are paying for photographs to be taken, then an unruly pet can cost you a lot of time and money. Here are a few tips for photographing your pet:

  1. Put your pet at ease before you begin the photoshoot. Give them treats, pet them, and make them feel comfortable. One way of keeping your pet calm and comfortable is to have the photoshoot take place in your home. Most pets won’t react well to sudden changes in their environment.
  2. Have the photographer capture your pet’s attention just as the pictures are being taken. This is usually the best way to get a shot with your pet looking directly into the camera.
  3. Make sure that the lighting is perfect, especially if your pet is dark in colour.
  4. Ensure that the background matches the photoshoot’s theme.
  5. Have the photographer get down to your pet’s level to take the photographs.
  6. Get in the photograph with them. It’s much easier to keep your pet calm for a photo shoot if they are sat on your lap or next to you.

Father Catmas

With Christmas approaching, people from around the world are planning their annual Christmas cards. This year, instead of photographing your family, why not make your cat the card’s focus? There are plenty of Santa Claus costumes for cats available online, as well as decorations that you can use to transform your home into the North Pole. You can complete the set with stuffed reindeers, fake snow, and lots of presents. If you have children, then you can dress them up like elves and include them in the photograph as well.

Funny Expressions

Our pets can be very peculiar sometimes. Some pets pull very odd faces when surprised. Cats are notorious for this. If you want to take a picture of your pet that you can cherish and hold onto forever, then why not take one of your pets when they are being strange [as they usually are]. A good way to get your pet to pull strange faces is to make loud noises, just as the camera is pointing at them.

The Pounce

Another great idea for photographing your cat is to take a photograph of them when they are about to pounce. It’s very easy to initiate a pounce, you simply need to dangle a toy around in front of your cat. Pouncing photographs are very popular with pet owners, and very cute. It can be tricky getting the photo right, especially if you are taking it in front of a set, so it might be worth hiring a professional to manage it for you.

Traditional Portraits

Sometimes, simple photographs are the best. Classic portraits can be a great way to commemorate your pet, long after they are gone. These photos can be hung on the wall, or even sent to an oil painter who can recreate them as a painting. Dress up formally, invite the family over, and take a family photograph with your pet in your lap.

Shake It Off

If you have a dog, then taking a photograph of them shaking water off of their fur can be lots of fun. These photographs are fun and shouldn’t be taken seriously. They are not a portrait by any means, nor the sort of photograph that you get framed and hang in your hallway. These photographs are easy to take and you don’t need a professional to do it for you. Simply get your dog wet in front of a background, and let a camera film them. You can then play the video back and extract stills from it of them shaking the water off of their fur.

Floral Portraits

If you want to take a portrait of your pet, then taking one of them wearing a wreath of flowers is a great idea. Not only are these portraits incredibly cute, but they are also a great way to show off your pet’s pizzazz. Some flowers can be toxic to animals, so it’s advisable to use imitation flowers.

Taking photographs of your pet can be a great way to commemorate your fluffy friend. There are many different ideas floating about online, but you can find the most popular, and best, right here. There’s no need to look anywhere else.

What Do I Need To Do When Photographing My Cat?

You need to do many things when photographing a cat because those beauties are very strong-willed and have a mind of their own. Except if they are born models, which is rare, they’ll less likely want to stay put for a picture. However, here are a few tips you can use to get the best pictures of them.

Be Patient

First, you need to know that photographing cats come with a high failure rate. The more discerning you become as a photographer, the more this is the case. Cats are not an ideal subject for impatient types because they do not strike obliging poses for long. Just as you’ve framed the shot, they’re likely to walk up to you and sniff the lens. If not that, they’ll turn their heads at the precise moment you release the shutter. Guessing what they’ll do next is part of the fun. Just ensure that you always have your camera ready. Although properly training your cat to listen can go a long way to improve the photography experience.

Cats tend to strike random funny poses, especially when they’re about half asleep. To capture these comical moments, it’s best to always have a camera handy, even if it is your phone camera. If you need to dig out your camera before taking a shot, the cat will likely hear you and move. Likewise, if you’re outside with your cat, have your camera ready for some outdoor action shots. Remember that there is a high chance you will miss great pictures if you first need to fetch your gear from inside a bag.

Use Props

Props, meanings toys, boxes, string, tissue paper, get costumes for cats and let them stare at a mirror,  hats, or anything that can engage a cat’s natural curiosity. This makes the cat more relaxed and in its natural element. This way, you get the perfect shot.


Suppose you can find a time when your cat is being playful. This is your shot at getting the perfect pictures; you should play with them if you want a good shot. If that means chasing Mr. Fluffy around, dragging a string around your house, or even using a laser pointer, then, by all means, get to play. The activity will most likely lead to a bonafide and magazine-worthy picture.


As long as you’re cuddling your cats the right way, this wouldn’t be difficult for you cat lovers out there. Cats are clingy creatures, and the best shots could come when your cat is tuckered out after a long day of well, sleeping, and he just wants to curl up next to his favorite human, you. The best way to do it is to have a friend or your partner take the shot or just take a selfie. But be sure not to drop your phone on the kitty’s head. The aftermath isn’t always nice.

Use Natural Lighting

Cats love being out and sunbathing. If you can catch them in good lighting, it makes it an amazing and beautiful shot. They end up looking so gorgeous when caught under some rays:

Frame Your Subject

Having your cat framed in the shot with surroundings like long grass, shrubs, or tree foliage tends to give the photo an additional depth. It also creates the illusion of peeking into the cat’s natural habitat or its world. This is a  technique often adopted in wildlife photography. Indoors, you can frame your cat by including any cubby holes or hiding places that cats generally like.

Getting the perfect photograph of your cat isn’t so easy, but then, if you are consistent and follow all the steps mentioned above, the perfect picture of your cat will be sitting pretty in your camera roll. Just remember one important thing, which is to always be patient and ready.