We all dream of a spacious and well-equipped kitchen, since it ends up being the very heart of the home. However, with the ongoing trend of downsizing, kitchens tend to be as small as possible, both in apartments and houses. How to manage to maintain the same organization, practicality and aesthetics when given less space? The truth is that tiny kitchens can have the same potential as their larger counterparts. There are sneaky ways to hide the lack of space and make the best of what you have. Take a look at the following tips and tricks and design your unique and fabulous kitchen space.

Open it up

Small kitchens look even smaller if they’re not well-lit or if they’re closed on each side. If it’s impossible to open up a galley kitchen completely, due to the old building architecture or the placement of pipes, add a little bit of light and air by creating a little portal or open corner which will connect the kitchen with the rest of the living space. Also, keep the windows open to make the room appear bigger and enjoy some natural lighting while cooking.

Opt for built-ins or miniature appliances

While appliances are a non-negotiable kitchen feature, their sizes and models are very optional nowadays. To save some precious floor space, consider miniature fridge models, and brilliant built-ins instead ofย freestanding appliances. This way, you’ll take advantage of every last nook and cranny, and still maintain the stylish interior design.

Take color risks

Just a pinch of bold color can provide a space with an extremely stylish and modern touch. With the worldwide obsession with pastel colors, feel free to experiment withย candy-colored KitchenAid products and furniture. The bright peach fridge in combination with minty green cabinetry will not only make your small kitchen look retro and modern at the same time, but also sweet and foodie-inviting.

Or stick with minimalist chic

According to Heloise Blause, blogger atย HomeKitchenland, Minimalism is a big trend among small kitchen designs, for very obvious reasons. Clean lines, light and calming colors, as well as simple fixtures put emphasis on order and space, and therefore provide the needed spatial illusion. The bare floor, mini breakfast bar and classic metal stools will contribute to a chic minimalist theme.

White walls

There’s no better nor easier way to make the room appear bigger than painting the walls white, or if this is too sterile-looking or boring to you, try almost-white alternatives. All that cabinetry can make the space feel dark and cramped, especially with darker color tones of wall paint. Bright walls willย brighten the roomย and impart a sense of openness, allowing you to be playful with the colors of kitchen supplies and furniture.

Hang pots and pans

You’re worried about not having enough space to store all of your kitchen gear? Turn this problem around and hang your most often used items on an unused wall for both decorative and practical purposes. You’d be surprised to discover the artwork character of those clunky items that have been cramping your cabinets. For instance, chunky vintage cutting boards or a row of matching bright colanders can look very intentional and artistic, instead of messy.

You’re in a dilemma whether to make your kitchen chic or efficient? You can do both! It may seem to you that a foot or two of counter space and two walls donโ€™t leave much room for getting creative, but there are tons of ways to jazz up your cooking paradise. Take note of the tips above and start planning and decorating your tiny kitchen!

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