Having a home bar is one of the oldest ideas which got practiced by our great grandfathers. However, the previous ones were a bit huge and had to be incorporated into the home plan before the house went up. The idea of having a home bar doesn’t have to be complicated. You can choose the different varieties, including the hidden bar designs, mini wall bars, and single dweller home bars.

Home bars provide a safe place and organized cabinet for your drinks and make it easier to have your drinks anytime you are at home. With it, you will have your entire bar accouterments in one fixed space. Here are some fantastic home bar ideas you might include in your next home renovation.

1. The Barn

What’s the purpose of having a home bar? Besides taking your favorite drinks, you will need a place where you can host your most important guests and have some great conversations and good times. The barn design enables you to achieve this with ease.

What you need for this design is a barn-inspired home bar with an installed chalkboard wall. Other items include a wooden slab countertop, some well-made kitchen bar stools online, and vintage wire lighting. The number of stools and the storage area largely depends on the size of your bar and the number of visitors you plan to host.

2. Bar in a Cabinet

Most people will want a home bar in an open space. However, if you require a hidden bar, the bar in a cabinet design is a perfect one to choose for your home. As highlighted by the team at Homesdirect 365, there are different forms of cabinets you can choose for your home bar. One of the most common is the telephone box display cabinet, which you can customize depending on your theme and preferences.

The good thing about cabinets is that they come in different designs, customizable to fit your home. Even though it stays hidden, it is easy to access when thirsty calls, especially during birthday celebrations, parties, or relaxing at home.

3. Floating Bottle Storage

The floating bottle storage is one of the most fantastic home bars you can have, especially if you have a considerable budget for it. It is a perfect home bar for a minimalistic, modern house. Besides being a home bar, this bottle storage space can also act as a room divider, especially for individuals who do not have much space or do not want to waste the same in their modern home.

This modern home bar comprises chrome or silver bars that give it an edgy look compared to the rest. If you don’t have much budget for this, you can consider using wood instead of chrome or silver bars, making your home bar have a rustic vibe.

4. Pullout Drawers

Do you need a home bar that is completely hidden? Well, you can have a home bar that no one will notice when they step into your house. They are the best when you want to optimize the available space without cutting out privacy and convenience. This home bar looks like an ordinary cabinet, but the bottles of beer and wine are hidden below.

Here, the arrangement of the bottles as per their sizes. The bottom, a larger drawer, is for the tall bottles, while the upper one fits the shorter bottles. The upper surface acts as a holding table for carafes, glasses, and other implements. Also, it has a prep and service counter to make your servings convenient.

5. Under the Stairs

Most modern houses have stairs going to the upper rooms, rooftops, or balconies. If you have such a house, you can conveniently construct your home bar under the stairs. Here, you will maximum use space under the stairs to construct one of the best home bars, entirely with coolers, countertop, and storage spaces for your bottles of beer or wine and the glasses.

You can have a black granite countertop to set the bar mood right, with a red brick wall bringing out the rustic look. If you don’t have a brick wall, you can consider getting wallpaper resembling that. You can then make your bar complete by having shelves, a spacious cooler, and some mood lights to bring your favorite bar home.

6. The Pallet Bar

Sometimes you can save your cash for something else by constructing just a pallet bar. Also, a pallet home bar is the best for individuals who do not want something lasting in their homes, especially if living in a rented apartment. This is a DIY project, where you only need to have the required pallets, which you will assemble to come up with your home bar.

First, you need to clean the pallets, sand them, and put them together where you want your home bar to stand. Then, after everything has shaped up, stock the drinks and some lights, and you will be good to go.

There are numerous home bar ideas to choose from for your home. The list above contains only some of the best you will find in most homes, depending on budgets and preferences. You can also choose one depending on your budget and preference.

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