It is not only practical for your needs to have a bag that matches everything in your closet, but it is also cost-effective.

As many women have various outfits, it is ideal to have some utility bags in the closet that they can wear without worrying if they match.

Several factors also need to be considered when choosing a bag colour that matches almost everything in your wardrobe.

For instance, the material of the bag is essential. If you are looking for a bag that goes with everything in your closet, the chances are that you will be using it often. So while you choose the colours, look out for the material too.

One of the most durable materials for women handbags is leather. It is one of the most used materials for women handbags and when you are selecting the universal colours for your outfits, ensure the bags are made from leather.

Leather handbags are also flexible, natural and eco-friendly. The natural look ensures it remains classic and ageless while still ensuring you remain stylish and in vogue.

You should also consider your needs when choosing the all-round bag colour.

There is no point in buying a small handbag because it has a colour that matches everything in your closet if you often carry your laptop and other work folders. Instead, you will need one that has plenty of space and security for your valuables.

Similarly, if your needs tilt towards style and classy, you should ensure the bag you buy conforms to these requirements. The colour may be right, but it also has to be in line with your needs.

Women Bag Colours That Matches Everything in Your Closet

When you are sure of your needs, here are five women bag colours that almost always match everything in your closet:


Yes, you guessed right, black. Can you ever go wrong with a black bag? Black is timeless, and it is always the go-to colour when we are unsure or sure. Whether you want a casual look or business attire, black is the all-time favourite choice of colour that will match them all.

From handbags to totes and shoppers to fanny packs and crossbody styles, black should always have a place in your closets, and hearts. Although you may sometimes alternate between bag colours, many people gravitate towards black because they are seasonless.

Although some women may like having thirty handbags to match thirty different outfits, every woman still needs that special handbag that goes with everything. Black is that colour, and thankfully, it is not the only one.


Just like a black bag, you cannot go wrong with brown. It is a versatile colour that can match everything in your closet. Whether your outfit features bright colours like yellow or neutral and classic ones like browns and whites, a brown bag can match them all.

As brown is a neutral colour, it enhances any outfit you wear instead of contrast or fight it.  Brown varies in hues and values, and you may consider ecru, beige, cream or espresso brown.

Forest Green

As opposed to some other shades like slime-green, forest green will never be outdated. This particular hue matches almost everything in your closet and will make you look impeccably chic. It can work on totes, purses and handbags.

Besides forest green, you may also consider olive green.

The colour green is also known to bring calmness and relieve stress, perhaps because of its connections to nature. Therefore, this is a great choice of bag to have in your collection.


You can use a white handbag for a casual, business or formal outfit depending on the bagโ€™s style. It could be pure white or may fall into the extensive range of off-white colours.

A white purse always matches everything, especially if you are looking to create a sharp contrast.


A grey handbag is a necessity in your closet if you are looking for a colour that matches everything. It is one of the most versatile colours for handbags.

There are many variations. You could choose light grey or go to the other end of the spectrum and select deep charcoal grey. Another variation that will match almost anything you have to wear is metallic. They are versatile and will match a variety of clothing items.

Although these bag colours match everything in your closet, you may also consider teal and tan handbags.

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