Want your bedroom to have a more romantic feeling? Read this! We’ll show you how to design a romantic bedroom you’ll fall in love with.

Ah, l’amour! Who doesn’t love to fall in love?

But does your bedroom conjure up these feelings for you? Would you like to see your room look more inviting for both you and your partner?

Fall in love with your bedroom again with these romantic decorating tips.

Think Soft

When trying to create romance, you want to soften the room in any way you can. This allows for a relaxed atmosphere to help release any muscle tension in your body.

When a person is tense, they can’t fully be in the moment, which is needed for someone to enjoy romance.

So how can you soften a room?

Well, you can soften a room by using a soft color palette. Think along the lines of creams and blushes, maybe some lilac or grey-blue.

When choosing colors, take a look at the color chips at your local paint store. The light ones at the very top are the ones you want to go for.

You also need to decorate with soft materials. The curtains, bedspread, and carpet should be soft to the touch.

A down-filled bedspread with big, puffy pillows will make anyone want to sink into that bed. And don’t forget about the sheets; you can really amp up the romance with some silk or satin sheets.

Add some sheer or lace drapes and a faux-fur rug, and you’ll certainly please your sense of touch.

The last step to soften your bedroom is with lighting. If you can, add a dimmer switch to your lights. If not, change your bulbs to something with fewer watts.

If you have floor or desk lamps, make sure they have shades that make the light glow (but not too brightly).

Highlight the Bed

The bed should always be the centerpiece of your bedroom. Make sure that it’s eye-catching and inviting.

You can highlight the bed with lighting. An ornate fixture or dazzling chandelier above the bed will turn it into a centerpiece. You can also point spotlights toward the bed to direct all the attention toward it.

A luxurious headboard will add to the room’s romantic vibe. A headboard upholstered in velvet or silk will definitely do the trick. You can also opt for an ornate iron headboard.

Of course, the epitome of a romantic bed is the four-poster bed with a canopy flowing from the top. This type of bed usually needs a lot of room, but if you have it, why not flaunt it?

Elegance Abounds

A romantic bedroom should emanate elegance. From the flooring material to the wallpaper pattern, each aspect of the room should let visitors know they’ve entered a special place.

Look for ways to add baroque patterns, antique pieces, and gold finishes to your decor.

You can find some great pieces at thrift stores and spray paint them gold for a special touch. Your local craft store should have some ceramic wall sconces that will look elegant on your wall.

It’s okay to DIY glamour. In fact, it will only add to the unique quality of your romantic bedroom. Check out this tutorial on how to make mercury glass, which would be a great addition to your space.

Inspire the Mood With Wall Art

The walls in a romantic bedroom shouldn’t be cluttered, but a few pieces of wall art can set the mood.

These can either be smokey pieces that leave much to the imagination, or they can depict voluptuous shapes that make a more direct point.

Black and white photos are mysterious and ghostly, giving the room a more sublime atmosphere.

Another good choice of romantic wall art is antique framed mirrors. They not only add a level of majestic style to the room, but they can make it feel bigger and roomier.

However you choose to decorate, make sure the colors in your art don’t clash with the color palette of the room.

Finishing Touches

Last but not least, you should add some finishing touches to complete the romantic theme in your bedroom.

Some fresh flowers in glass vases on your nightstands can bring a sensual aroma to the room. 

Roses might be the flowers that come to mind first, and they do smell fantastic, but if you want to try something new, there are plenty of other sweet-smelling flowers to choose from.

Jasmine, freesia, sweet peas, and gardenia are just a few examples of flowers that emit a beautiful aroma.

Of course, don’t forget the twinkling glow of candlelight. Candles can also help to make the air smell divine if you buy the scented kind.

If you don’t want the fire hazard of real candles, that’s understandable. You can put some string lights up around the room to bring in that twinkling effect.

Find a soft fur throw and extra-plush pillows to either drape on the lounger or put on your bed.


Romantic decor isn’t all ruffles and pink chiffon.

From the feel of a plush comforter to the smell of the sweet, fresh-cut flowers, a romantic bedroom indulges your senses and beckons you to stay.

Once you’ve created a romantic bedroom that you are happy with, it’s time to invite the one you love to enjoy it as well.

Editorial Note

Jill Bowers is the property manager at Industry Columbus, a luxury apartment community in Columbus, Ohio.

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