OK so we’ve established before that video gaming is a legitimate and excellent hobby and as such then it’s natural that we would like to improve our skill level and progress just like in any other pastime. So what are the best ways to improve as a gamer? Here we look at 5 of the best and most efficient things we can do to get better.

Practice Makes Perfect

This one is clearly a very simple answer and possibly so obvious it doesn’t merit being in this article but, generally, when we are looking for these types of answers people are looking for shortcuts and that’s not always the best place to begin. For years it was put around that 10,000 hours of practice would make you an expert in anything, but that theory by Malcolm Gladwell has since been debunked, but even if it doesn’t automatically make you an expert then practice will improve you.

Have The Best Mouse & Keyboard

Have you ever heard the phrase a bad workman (or woman these days) blames their tools? Well, don’t be that bad worker (or gamer) and your tools are your mouse and keyboard. You may well have not given this much thought before as every PC generally comes with a generic mouse and keyboard, which is fine for business and everyday PC use but for gaming, you’ll want a more versatile and comfortable set, and here is a good guide to which ones are best for 2019.

Consider Making Money From It?

For many other hobbies, especially sports, you can look at becoming professional and making some money from it, and with gaming there is the existence of e-sports, competitive gaming for cash prizes, many ask the question, should esports be considered a sport and the answer pretty much is yes, it’s skilled, takes time and dedication, so why not?

Use Guides & Tutorials

Another classic way of improving your gaming is to get a little help on tricky parts of challenging games so it’s a no-brainer to use guides and walkthroughs to gain from the experience of others. In the past these were available as paper books bought from your local gaming store but these days it can all be found online, and not just in the format of text guides, video walkthroughs on platforms such as YouTube are more common and the author can show you how it’s done and explain their actions via voiceover, making it a much more illustrative experience.

Get A Professional Coach

It may surprise you to know that you can get professional coaching in gaming and it makes perfect sense since it’s a skill like any other and especially since, as we’ve mentioned above, there is money to be won in competition. Companies such as Gamer Sensei can offer coaching on most of today’s popular games and coaching is charged via an hourly rate allowing the gamer to take as much or as little coaching as they feel they need at that particular time.

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