In 2020, 75% of college students enrolled in at least one distance learning course within their semester course load. The need for online teachers and professors has increased over time as the world gets busier with other responsibilities, but they still desire to extend their education.

Do you love teaching others to help them succeed in their career paths? Start earning your online teaching certification today to begin your new career path. Online teaching will benefit you in the long run because you can:

  • Teach from anywhere you want.
  • Meet people internationally.
  • Have a versatile learning environment.
  • Increase classroom engagement.
  • Spend less time grading.

Over time, you may grow to love online teaching more than traditional in-person teaching, depending on your preferences. Get ready to take notes to learn about these benefits of online teaching certification programs. Hey, teachers can be students learning daily, too.

1. Teach From Anywhere You Want

When you teach in person at a college, you are limited to commuting to that one campus. As an online teacher, you work from home and command your schedule. If you want to take a trip across the globe while teaching your students remotely, you can do that, too.

Become a great teacher even if you are teaching virtually. It is about the quality of how you teach your students and not the location where you teach them when you head an online course.

Plus, online teaching is a fun and convenient way to earn an income remotely without the regular campus commute. Hence, you can save money for other expenses rather than regularly filling up your gas tank.

2. Meet People Internationally

Teaching at a physical campus means you will see the same people daily. Most may be of the same nationality, depending on which country you choose to teach. However, you may meet some foreign exchange students along the way in this experience.

Pew Research reported that 35% of international students were Chinese enrolled in college during the 2020 to 2021 school year. The next largest nationality were students from India, which made up 18% of the international students in America.

Teaching virtually allows you to meet many more individuals across the globe. Study for one of the many online teaching certification programs available on the Internet to get you started learning more about the world around you through your international students.

3. Versatile Learning Environment

Online teachers upload pre-recorded videos or narrated PowerPoints that act as the โ€œclassroomโ€ aspect of an online course. You may also host live videos for students that desire the โ€œreal classroomโ€ feel even though they are taking your virtual course.

Your students can view these virtual materials at any time while they are working on deadlines. If they have any questions, they can email you so you can answer within 12-24 hours or less.

Teachers only have to abide by the live classroom video times, while students only need to abide by assignment deadlines and online classroom times. Not every online course has a mandatory virtual class to join, which makes it even more of a versatile learning environment. Teachers can check in with students only when they reach out. Students have the freedom to plan their project timeline by remaining engaged with technology.

4. Increase Classroom Engagement

During in-person courses, it may be difficult for students to remain engaged during a classroom discussion when recalling information on the fly. In a virtual classroom setting, teachers will receive more engaged responses from students because they have the Internet as a resource to thoroughly research their answers before posting them to discussion board threads.

Students will feel more engaged if they have more resources to answer discussion board questions and complete classroom research projects and presentations. It will be easier for you as the teacher to grade the material because it will be more well-researched.

5. Spend Less Time Grading

Online teaching platforms automate grading for exams and other question-and-answer assignments. Since the system knows the correct answer, it will automatically grade your assessments.

Hence, online teaching can shave grading time by an hour or so, depending on how many classes you teach. Discussion boards, written papers, and PowerPoint presentations would be all that remains in need of grading. Begin your online teaching certification to get on the path to a more efficient teaching experience.


Online teaching certification programs are plentiful now that distance learning has boosted its prominence in the past few years. Begin your online teaching certificate journey today to take command of your career, teach from where you want, and change students’ lives nationally and internationally. If you crave versatility, enhanced engagement, meeting new people throughout the globe, and want to spend less time grading, become an online teacher today!

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