Is your partner spending time on social media for so long recently? Is your boyfriend continuously talking with someone over the phone in your absence? Well, itโ€™s time to confront them about whether your love is cheating on you with someone else.

But, before confronting, you must collect proof against your partner. Here are the top 5 trusted and professional ways of catching a cheating partner.

1. Take a closer look at their social media movements

If you are pessimistic about your partnerโ€™s changing behavior recently, itโ€™s time to look at their social media closely. Make sure to get updated with the stories, statuses, and locations shared on each social media by your partner. Watch how many hours they are spending on which platform and with whom they are chatting. Once you get assured thereโ€™s something fishy, confront your partner.

2. Make fake social media accounts

Once a cheater is always a cheater! Yes! If your spouse or partner can cheat on you, he or she can cheat on others as well. For getting assured, you can create a fake social media account. But, here you have to be careful. Do not just add some random photos found in Google. Do some research and create a profile for which you know your partner will surely fall.

Start sending texts, not the way you usually do, and let the cheating partner fall for the person behind your fake profile. Once you get successful, reveal your identity.

3. Crack the Browser password

If you are living with a cheating partner, it is obvious that the person will surely lock the phone to protect private movements. But, hereโ€™s a solution.

You can easily take the browser password from your partners by inserting some believable stories without making them suspicious. Now, you can open their social media accounts, read the mails, as mostly the accounts get connected with the mail ID. If you get lucky, you will catch a cheating spouse today.

4. Use social media tracking apps

In case your partner is not an easy target to play with, you have to take the help of good social media trackers and spy apps. You can download apps like uMobix, FlexiSPY, mSPY, FamiSafe, etc. from the Google Play Store, APK, and iOS App Store.

Press on, and explore the best Android tracking apps. With these, you can get access to messages and social media platforms, enable location tracking, go through browser history, and enjoy other features of the targeted mobile phone.

5. Install hidden cameras and voice recorders

For keeping an eye on your partner in your absence, the ultimate thing you can do is to install hidden cameras and voice recorders. In this way, you can look at how many hours they are spending on their phone, with whom and what they are talking, with whom they are meeting, etc. Catch a cheater today and save a relationship.


Now, when you get the solutions, itโ€™s time to apply these and catch your cheating partner red-handed today. Best of luck!

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