Are you a hardcore gamer? Do you have a dedicated room or area just for playing the latest AAA titles and indie hits? Perhaps you’re putting together a space for your videogame exploits? Whatever your current situation is, you have landed on this page for one reason: you want to improve your gaming setup.

While it seems simple enough to do on the surface, there’s more to putting together a quality gaming setup than having a high-performance PC, the latest consoles, and a suitable monitor. Here are five tips to keep in mind when enhancing your gaming space.

1. Boost your internet connection 

Having the right foundation is ideal for your gaming setup, and this begins with your internet connection. Unless you’re only interested in playing retro games, being online is a necessity in this day and age. You’ll require a high-speed internet connection not just to play games without any unnecessary lag, but also to download today’s massively sized games without having to wait days for completion.

When searching for wifi network solutions, make sure you select one with robust features. Also pick an installation company that can optimize your connection to the internet.

2. Pick the right chair

Never underestimate the importance of having the right chair for your gaming space. If you’re the type of person that enjoys long gaming sessions, you will be sat on your chair for hours at a time. With a bad chair, however, this can quickly lead to back problems and other health issues. It’ll also disrupt your gaming experience.

As a result, if you’re using an old, substandard chair or one that is long past its best, ensure you replace this before anything else. Comfort is imperative, and this begins with having a high-quality chair.

3. Pick an appropriate monitor

Your monitor choice can make a significant difference to how you play games. With a quality gaming monitor, one that boasts improved response times, color accuracy, and fast refresh rates, games will run smoothly and provide those all-important frames per second.

Oh, and for added convenience, you may decide to add one or two additional monitors to the mix. This added screen real estate can boost both your gaming experience and productivity.

4. Invest in quality controllers

It’s not uncommon for gamers to overlook the need for quality controllers. However, any game you play is going to feel significantly better when you have a premium controller in your hands.

Never go for cheap knock-off controllers which are common with PC gaming. Fortunately, if you have an Xbox wireless controller, this can be compatible with your PC. Also consider picking a range of controllers. A high-quality arcade stick, for example, can significantly enhance your arcade and fighting game experiences.

5. Appropriate lighting

When you use smart lighting, you can further enhance your gaming experience. This is because smart light bulbs can be configured to match up with your games, harmonizing to the rhythm and beats while completing quests and defeating enemies. It can turn your entire gaming space into a living visualizer.

Plus, if you’re seeing yourself as a streamer in the near future, lighting is a must. Haven’t you noticed streamers like imaqtpie? They look scruffy but hey, they still look good.

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