Nobody wants to spoil their day by having a burnt barbecue. The question is, how do you ensure that your gas smoker stays the way it is meant to be? Well, everything helps, like reading the right reviews on or asking around from your friends and relatives.

The Top Tips to Help You Use and Maintain a Gas Smoker

Here are some tips to make its efficient use.

1.ย  Make the Right Choice of Wood

Whether ash or oak, the perfect choice of wood chips make all the difference as not every kind of wood would go with various types of meat.

2. Begin Preparing the Smoker

The wood chips need to be seasoned with exotic spices. While it starts to burn, the seasoned smoke contributes towards cooking the meat adding the flavours through it. But in a new gas smoker, on its first use, the wood chips first need to be burnt without the addition of meat on the grill. The next use continues as usual.

3. Prepare the Food to be Cooked

Use your desired choice of marinade and seasoning. It highly suggestive that once the meat has been marinated, you should put it in a sealable plastic and let it stay for a few hours in the refrigerator. This way it absorbs the marinade well and while getting smoked, allows the seasoning to soak through the meat.

4. Soaking of Wood Chips

When you soak the wood chips in water, the moisture helps cook better and also avoids the chips from burning completely.

5. Moisturize and Turn/flip

No, not a body moisturizer! Use a spray of vinegar and water solution or apple juice to moisturize the meat. Then turn the meat to avoid overcooking and to ensure that it is cooked evenly on all sides

The Top Tips to Take Care Of Your Gas Smoker

Maintaining a gas smoker requires careful work. Here are some tips to help.

Always line the moisture tray of the smoker with an aluminium foil. This allows trouble-free clean up after use. Use a soft cloth or sponge for the clean, scrubbing destroys the smooth layer of the grill.

Warm water enables safe cleaning. Chemicals are not to be used as its residues affect your next use and prove to be dangerous and harmful.

To maintain the smooth surface of the smoker, you need to consistently clean it up and re-season the smoker on every use. Never immerse the smoker into the water. Each part must be cleaned separately with immense care.

Do not let the ash sit on the inside of the smoker for long periods of time. It absorbs the oil and water and leads to rust. If your smoker does not require seasoning, you still need to use smoke. The smoke creates a protective layer over the smoker and this, in turn, prevents rusting.

Ensure the smoker receives proper ventilation while cooking, else a surface of creosote would grow and cause poor ventilation during further use, which ultimately would make the smoker useless.

Itโ€™s also a good idea to always clean the louvres to prevent the exhaust from escaping otherwise the oxygen will subside to minimal flame. It must also be ensured that the valve is shut and the gas supply is disconnected to avoid any disastrous incidents.

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